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7 causes For Using Flip-Charts For Coaching

# 1: Flip-Charts activate the collective brain power of a group

One of the key elements in Accelerate learning Techniques is active involvement of the learners. There are two ways to involve your audience using the flip-charts:

1) Solicit ideas and capture them on the flip-chart yourself being the trainer

2) Pass out markers and let the particitrousers do their own problem solving and writings.

By involving others, you bring ourselves out of the role of a gifter or course matter expert, and move into a new role of being a facilitator. Advanlabeles of that new role, is that you have become less intimidating and more professional since we build on the knowledge of the group and avoid talking down to or controlling others. As we have always said in active learning - you learnt the best when the information offern is related to the learners on a personal basis. most effective way of learning is to have input into what happens to, and with, them.

# 2: Flip-Charts Facilitate Creativity

Using flip-charts in giftation allows you to express your personality and ideas on paper. Unlike computer software programs, flip-charts free you to become as creative as you like. You can draw anything there. You are limited only by your own imagination. To enhance your flip-charts skills, you are encouraged to bring opportunities to practice whenever possible. Pick a pair of images or characters you like from any source and doodle whenever you have time. Draw the images on scraps of paper, restaurants napkins, or any writing surface you can find. just soon, you will be able to replicate the images onto a flip-chart with little effort. Personally, I love drawing on flip-charts, because my audience always find it personal, sincere and fresh.

# 3: Flip-Charts are the Best Visual Aids in Coaching

The main cause for using flip-charts is because they help gifters to communicate their ideas and messages across to the audience much better. There are many reports in several business schools in United States that stated giftations with visual aids increases the effectiveness, as perceived by audience. Typical comments following giftations with flip-charts were "better prepared", "more concise", "clearer", "more interesting", "not boring at all", "I can follow the speechs clearly" and "I love his giftations using the flip-charts".

If you have ever tried to bring notes as someone rattles on, seemingly oblivious to the audience, you will understand that worth of flip-charts. Students can perhaps quizify to that - remember the long and boring power-point giftations by your school teachers, without knowing whether the students are following them or not?

# 4: Flip-Charts Writing by Particitrousers Increases their Interest %26 learning

Giving your particitrousers a chance to write on flip-charts increases their interest and learning.

Confucius (551 - 479 B.C.) once said:

I listen; I forfetch

I see, I remember

I do, I understand

The message here is that even though you may fetch some of your message across by speaking or demonstrating, the most effective method of coaching and making sure your particitrousers are learning effectively is fetchting them to participate actively.

And more specifically for Chemistry learning, it is a academic course that you can't score well if you just memorize directly the chemistry theories. What you need is to understand and have a strong foundation of essential concepts and then apply it according to application-based problems.

# 5: Flip-Charts allows Reviews to Accelerate learning

Flip-charts review is another big advanlabele in giftations and coaching. Because the flip-charts can be pasted on the walls of the room, after each session of the speechs, particitrousers can review what they have learned earlier. that is most effective when we conduct "Partner-Sharing" during such flip-charts review.

At other times, particitrousers can also refer to the posted flip-charts without interrupting to ask the facilitator to repeat a point, they are able to review fabric or catch up at their own speed. In addition, flip-charts provide a vehicle for reinforcing what particitrousers listend, or thought they listend.

Many times after the coaching session, we also compiled and transferred the flip-charts onto softcopy so that we can email it to the particitrousers for reviews on their own, just because the information there are written in a personalized way and these particitrousers have read it before using their eyes and mind, such re-caps almost never fail to rekindle their knowledge and reinforce what they have learnt earlier. that is the power of associations based on earlier experiences.

# 6: Flip-Charts giftations signifies Professionalism

Whenever I see someone uses a flip-charts extensively for their giftations, I always perceived them to be a professional in coaching that specific course, no matter how much knowledge they have in that course. It is kind of "only course matter expert have the capacity and confidence that uses flip-charts" perception. And that always allow me to listen to them immediately without prejudice and suspicion.

# 7: Flip-Charts are Simple %26 Inexpensive to Use

Flip-charts have long been the choice for professional coaches during giftations. They are versatile, simple to set-up and use, and convenient for capturing ideas quickly. They also require no cords or electrical connections, and are relatively inexpensive compared with other visual aids. They can also be used virtually anywhere, be it indoor or outdoor.

With flip-charts, you won't have to worry to vehiclery an overhead projector, bulbs, extension cords, white screens, and other accessories. You don't even have to supply a stand to use them. With masking tape, straight pins, and/or clips, you can turn nearly any wall surface into a writing surface. that meaning you can turn virtually any large room or open space into an ideal gifter's forum. All you need is flip-chart papers and markers of different colors.

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