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Dismantle Public Education

The real reason our standards in education are falling isnt lack of money but a government monopoly. Learn of the libertarian alternative that could save our children

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f r i e n d s - TOW The Home Study (part3)

season 10 episode 7

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After School - Ah MV (english subbed)

They who gave us Son Dambi. Pledis Entertainment new 5-member girl group comprising of Park Ga Hee (leader), Kim Jung Ah, Yoo So Young, Bekha and Lee Joo Yeon. Modeled after the Pussycat Dolls, they hope to show everyone a different style from the usual girl groups. Their Ah MV from their 1st mini-album guest-starring Marco which I guess Son Dambi invited him to, hope she doesn't regret her decision to place him with 5 hot girls.

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Billy Connolly ~ The Cardinal's school visit

An ex-pupil of Billy's school visits.. From: Billy Bites Yer Bum Live (1981)

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f r i e n d s - TOW The Home Study (part2)

season 10 episode 7

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High School Musical 2-Bet on it (Original Version)

Verse 1: Everybody's always talking at me Everybody's tryna get in my head I wanna listen to my own heart talking I need to count on my self instead Hook 1: (Don't you ever) lose yourself to get what you want (don't you ever) get on a ride then wanna get off (don't you ever) push away the ones you should have held close did you ever let go? did you ever not know? Chorus: I'm not gonna stop That's who i am I'll give it all i got that is my plan When i find what i lost You know you can Bet On ...

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Barack Obama, The Inauguration And His Atheistic Education - The Atheist Experience #589

Chat: Atheist Experience Live: Barack Obama, The Presidential Inauguration And His Atheistic Education (The Atheist Experience #589 with Matt Dillahunty & Jennifer Peeples) Please subscribe to: • • • What is The Atheist Experience ...

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[Education Expert ON-LINE] learning to Speak German Computer Software

Education Expert ON-LINE has posted a new item, 'learning to Speak German Computer Software'

It used to be a pretty straight forward choice; if you wanted to learn to speak German youd bring a lesson at your local school or community college. However today with the advent of the personal computer and high speed internet connections, there is a whole line of learning to speak German computer software products available.

At first glance, it can look just confusing. With so many choices which one should you purchase? Well, heres a quick rundown of what these systems are all about.

Today, most of the better systems utilize a multi-pronged approach with each element reinforcing and building on the others. that is a vast improvement over lessonroom learning where youre basically listening to a teacher and taking notes. No, with these systems you can listen to an audio lesson, do some flash vehicled exercises then play a quick match, all from your computer without ever having to worry that youre not maintaining up with the rest of your lesson. Nope youre jobing at your own pace, when you want to.

These courses all contain some form of audio (a few even use the mp3 format and can be played directly on your Ipod). The audio lessons will teach you the perfect pronunciations of the votaxiularys and phrases youll be learning. Typically the exact transcriptions are also included so that you can follow along.

most of the systems include some form of flashvehicled learning. Flashvehicleds are a time-quized way of reinforcing the votaxiularys and phrases youve already learned. However, with todays computer software based learning systems, the flashvehicleds are no longer clumsy old vehicleds that youll have to maintain track of, no today the flashvehicleds are all stored within your computers hard drive, waiting to be called up whenever you want to practice.

matchs are another innovation of the better computer based learning systems. With the matchs, youre putting your brain into a relaxed state, its a proven fact that when your brain is relaxed, you learn more and retain more information. The matchs are typically fun and interactive with rightions being displayed right on the screen, immediately.

Another important facet of these learning systems is user support. The better systems incorporate a members only chat board that allows you to contact a German language expert 24 hours a day, seven day a week. that is a major benefit of the better systems and one that needs to be considered if youre in the market for one of these packages.

Finally, cost is another factor that you should consider. These systems run from as little as about $40 to several hundred dollars (US). My favorite system is under $100, and is fully downloadable, meaning you can buy it right now and be learning the language within minutes.

So if youre serious about learning to speak the German Language, you need to consider the various computer software programs that are available. The best ones will help you learn German faster and more efficiently then traditional lesson room learning.

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Author By Lawrence Schaefer

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f r i e n d s - TOW The Home Study (part1)

a social worker is going to visit chandler and monica but joey slept with her and never called! this is one of the funniest episodes ever!!

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Muslim Kid School (Arabic Alphabet)

To those who want to learn Basic Arabic, Watch this video. This video clip is taken from tape "Kumpulan Alif Iqra"

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Lost Highway - Driver Education

Robert Loggia deftly plays the bullying "Mr. Eddy" in David Lynch's Lost Highway. I apologize for the missing key frame which causes the first few seconds to be wonky and grey.

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TOW The Home Study 1 - Chandler/Monica scenes

The adoption worker in charge of deciding the fate of Monica and Chandler's adoption hopes had a one-night-stand with Joey where he never called her back.

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Spring Musical - High School Musical 3 (Movie Scene HQ)

High School Musical 3 Cast sings the Spring Musical - From WALT DISNEY PICTURES High School Musical 3:Senior Year - FULL Movie Scene - High Quality

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Rise Against - Re-Education (Lyrics) *HQ*

This is the new song from Rise Against, The album call Appeal to Reason and It rocks hard!!!

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Steady Study Lesson One (2/5)


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"California Couldn't Pay Our Education" by Roy Zimmerman

Originally recorded by Roy's group The Foremen ("Best of The Foreman" CD available at ), "California Couldn't Pay Our Education" is performed here by Roy, Joe and Sam Zimmerman and Jon Brockway at the Soper-Reese Theatre in Lakeport, CA.

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Building the Go-Kart (High School Senior Project Video)

(Music By Juno Reactor) The first video thats related to this is the entire video. this is just a demo. heres the Specs: This project was done for a graduating grade at my high school. the grade on it was a 98% and i got a 95 on my speech (which was 12 minutes long.) this was the video i showed during my presentation. this project took a total of 2 to 3 months of work, and i started with ordering a set of go-kart plance from Don's DIY Den ( The go-kart was origionally designed ...

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Barack on Education

Barack Obama, his sister Maya Soetoro-Ng, and Dr. Jill Biden discuss the educational issues affecting Americans and the Obama-Biden ticket's plans for change. Visit for more information.

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Worst Study in the World: Bald People Don't Get Laid

Watch more at

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Congressman Ron Paul Schools Bernanke on the Bailout Plan

Congressman Ron Paul lectures Bernanke on the flaws of the bailout plan and the hazard of the attempt to fix prices versus letting them correct naturally in the free market at the Congressional Hearing today (9/24/08). Ron also questions Bernanke's authority and constitutionality of using the printing press to generate all this extra money needed for the bailout. Use to tell your representatives you don't want this plan.

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Advice for Using Online lesson Plans

It's not hard to find a 2nd grade lesson plan when you do a search online. There is such a

wealth of information available on the Internet for teachers, all they have to do is select

the course of the lesson they want to teach and Presto! - they have it.

However, when you copy a 2nd grade lesson plan, you need to read it vehicleefully before you use it in your lessonroom. that is because although the lesson plan may deal with the

course matter you want to teach, it may not fulfill the curriculum objectives. Therefore,

you may need to make adaptations so that you add something to the plan. You also have

to consider the needs of your students. Can they perform the tasks in the lesson or do you

have to make adaptations here too?

fetchting the 2nd grade lesson plan you need is easy and you may be lucky enough to hit on one that matches what you want perfectly. Even if you do have to make changes, you

have a good begining point. The ideas in the lesson may spark some ideas of your own

leading you to come up with something completely original.

You also have to check the fabrics required for the lesson. most 2nd grade lesson plans

begin off with kidren's Literature, so you need to make sure your school library has the

book. If you are looking for a science lesson plan for 2nd grade, then it is useless to have a great lesson plan if you don't have the fabrics you need to teach it.

The best way to search online for a 2nd grade lesson plan is to look at your planning

needs, at least a week in advance. that way when you come across an excellent lesson,

you have time to make the necessary changes or to look for the fabrics.

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Author By Frances Stanford

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Audio Books for kids

Audio books are becoming more and more popular as population with no time to sit down and read a book bring advanlabele of iPods and MP3 players to listen to the laquiz bestseller as they hurry through their daily lives. Where is the place of audio books for kids though, at a time when we are struggling to promote literacy for all and encourage kids to read?

Theycan job just well alongside printed books for kids that have grasped the basics of reading but need to develop votaxiulary. They can sit down with the printed book and follow the text as they listen to it being read on a CD or MP3 download.

Not only does the reading aloud bring the story to life, at a time when slowness of reading skills can frustrate kidren when they are trying to make out a plot line, but it means that they can cope with more complicated votaxiulary than they might otherwise be able to. listening a book read aloud teaches them the right pronunciation of votaxiularys that might otherwise be hard to job out from the complexities of English spelling.

By listening to the same story over and over as kidren love to do, they can memorize it and will suddenly find that they can actually 'read' the printed book with the help of their memory. that soon translates to real reading as votaxiulary recognition increases.

Of course if parents have time to read aloud to their kidren that is invaluable in developing a love of reading, but today when we are hard-pressed to find the time for more than a quick bed-time story, audio books offer us another way of satisfying our kidren's demand for more stories and offer them the love of good books and the motivation to learn to read themselves. I don't think that they should replace reading to your kidren, none can be better than snuggling up to Mom or Dad on the sofa, but they can supplement reading time when Mom or Dad are too busy to sit still!.

Another perfect way to use them for kids is on long vehicle journeys. bring along a few favorite audio books as MP3 downloads and as long as each kid has his own MP3 player you can fetch through hours of tedious driving with barely a complaint!

I really do recommend that each kid should have their own system though. If you expect them to use the vehicle CD system you'll end up listening to endless squabbles over what to listen to next. Either that or you'll be yelling with boredom as they repeat the same favourite story for the ninety-ninth time!

The embracee range of books available as audio books, from Harry Potter to Roald Dahl, means that there is something for each age group and endless variety, from the lessonics like Winnie the Pooh and the Narnia series to the laquiz Philip Pullman.

If you want to build up a collection of kids' audio books in an affordable way consider joining an online audio book club, where for a causeable monthly fee you can download one or more books ejust month, according to your membership plan. Your only problem will be in resisting the enticing books on offer for adults and heading over to the kids' section!

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Author By Kit Heathcock

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Print Bingo vehicleds

Themed and custom versions of bingo are an enjoyable leisure activity for holidays and other occassions. At Christmas time for example, you could play a Christmas-themed version of the match, using bingo vehicleds printed with votaxiularys or phrases relating to the season, rather than the usual amounts. Additionally, themed versions of bingo can also be used in schools and education more generally - many teachers use bingo as a lessonrom activity both in K-12 and English as a second Language (ESL) lessones.

There are quite a few causes why these variants of bingo are so popular. These include the fact that the match does not require expensive fabrics and resources, and that most population alreay know how to play. Of course, there are some population out there who don't know how to play the match, but fortunately bingo is just easily explained, and these folks can pick up the rules and begin playing in no time at all.

The main challenge that you will face if you would like to arrange a match of themed bingo, is obtaining the bingo vehicleds printed with items related to your chosen theme. For some holidays and educational activities, it may be possible to buy preprinted bingo vehicleds, but if you do that regularly or need a large amount of bingo vehicleds, it can quickly fetch quite expensive! Another idea is to print the bingo vehicleds yourself with the help of your computer - with bingo vehicled maker software, it's actually surprisingly quick and easy to do so.

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Astronomy - October Skies - What to Look for in "The Summer Triangle"

Look to the north Mid evening in October, if you are in the southern hemisphere or almost overhead if you are in the northern hemisphere and you will see the distinctive triangle formed by the 3 bright stars of Altair in Aquila "the Eagle", Deneb in the tail of Cygnus "the Swan" and Vega at the listent of "Lyra the harp".

The first thing that will leap out at you from that Asterism of the triangle (an asterism being a group of stars that make a shape but do not form a real constellation) will be Cygnus the Swan, looking at first glance like a cross. It measures an outstretched hand span on its long axis, held at arms length, and so is hard to miss, with Deneb at the bottom of the tail. One of the Jewels of Cygnus is arguably the most beautiful double star in the night sky at the head of the swan, or the bottom star of the Cross depending how you see it. It is the beautiful binary star Albiro, a lovely contrasting golden yellow %26 Sapphire blue pair that can be "Split" even with a small telescope.

The next star at the base of the Triangle is Vega in "Lyra the harp", Vega became well known from the film "Contact" as the point of first contact with the aliens! What it does in fact hide is the delightful "Ring Nebula", which is best seen with a scope of 200mmm in mirror size or bigger. It can be found 1/2 way between the 2 stars of the Parallelogram in Lyra, furtherest away from Vega. that dusty smoke ring is the remnant of the dying star at its center.

Aquila the Eagle at the lid of the Triangle is the bcorrecquiz star in that constellation %26 the 13th bcorrecquiz star in the sky at Magnitude .75 and only 5.3 light years away it is just down the celestial road.

There are many more delights to be discovered in and around these constellations.

You too can learn to uncover the hidden secrets of the night sky, visit my site, where you can download a free copy of my Audio 15 proven Steps to Master the night sky

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Author By Ian Maclean

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A Short Introduction To Romanian History

If you want to have an understanding of a land and its population, it is essential that you obtain some knowledge of its history as well. The history of Romania is the history of its land and of the population, who gave it a distinct cultural and national identity. Apart from that, it is a commentary on the evolution of the gift day nation state of Romania, from the ancient period dating rear to the third century B.C. and through the various periods, when the geographical boundaries of the Romanian kingdom were transformed time and again, till the formation of the gift day Romania that you see on any atlas.

The Romania of today was incustomed by population of Dacia, a Thracian tribe, at about year 200 B.C. The first state was formed in Romania during the reign of Burebista (82 - 44 B.C.). The infant state became involved in a series of conflicts with the Roman Empire, the dominant power of the time. It was ultimately annexed by that empire in the year 106 A.D. during the rule of the Roman Emperor Trajan.

With the decline and drop of the Roman Empire Romania, like the rest of central Europe, was ravaged by various tribes. From 10th to 12th centuries it was under the rule of the Hungarians. The rule passed on to the Ottoman Turks and till 1541 Romania remained under the Turkish Empire. In the year 1600, there were three distinct states of Moldavia, Transylvania and Walachia. Michael the brave succeeded in unifying them, but only for a brief period. The next to to rule Romania were the Austrians till 1775, and in 1812 Romania came under Russian rule.

1848, the year of revolutions, saw a great revolution for independence in Romania too. In 1859, Alexander John Cuza helped to unite the provinces of Moldavia and Walachia and the modern state of Romania came into existence.

Romania gained independence in the year 1877. During the First World War it sided with the Allies in 1916. At the end of the War in 1918, Transylvania was added to it.

Great changes took place in Europe in 1918, at the end of the First World War. The Russian and the Austro-Hungarian empires disappeared, and the provinces of Bessarabia and Bucovina were gained by Romania.

Romania joined the Axis powers in a second World War, forcing the king to abdicate in 1940. The Alliance with Germany continued till 1944, when the Russian army overran the nation. At the end of the war Romania retained Transylvania, but lost parts of Bucovina, Bessarabia and Dobrogea.

Romania became a satellite state of the Soviet Union after the War, but followed more or less independent policies. However, with coming to power Nicolai Ceausescu, a dark period begined in the history of the nation. Romania was a socialist republic during his regime, with communism as the avowed policy of the state. Citizens of the nation suffered from deprivation and hunger under his authoritarian rule. Countless restrictions were imposed, from television to freedom of worship. In fact, a amount of churches were pulled down.

Nicolai Ceausescu's regime was finally lidpled in 1989, and he along with his wife Elena was executed after a summary trial. However, the period of transition to democracy saw the inevitable hardships being faced by a common man. In fact, there are some population, who feel that the resulting chaos is worse than the period of authoritarian rule.

Romania today is a democratic republic, and since 1989 three presidents have come to power - Ion Iliescu, Emil Constantinescu, and the gift incumbent since 2004, Trajan Basescu. Romania joined NATO in 2004 and became a member of the European Union in 2007.

that short overview of the history of Romania will offer you some sort of rearground as to the events that took place down the ages in that small nation in the hinterland of Europe.

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Author By Peter Finch

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Writing With Dysgraphia

When thinking about dysgraphia, population usually dont think of it as a learning disability. Writing is just difficult for my kid. Or, my kid has poor handwriting, but so do doctors. Yet, dysgraphia is real and the sooner that we consider it a learning problem and deal with it as such, the sooner we can deal with it in a positive manner.

Dysgraphia by definition is a learning disability resulting from the difficulty in expressing thoughts in writing and graphing. It generally refers to extremely poor handwriting. Since the handwriting is so poor and difficult for the student to perform, is the learning disability a result of the handwriting, or are they not connected? I have found that jobing on the students handwriting first and then jobing on the mechanics of writing is the most successful method of dealing with that disability.

most students who have learning problems or learning disabilities also have dysgraphia. These kids usually have sequencing and perceptual problems as well as poor fine motor skills and poor eye/hand coordination. If you are in your 40s as I am you will recall that there were just few kids in our day with poor handwriting. It just wasnt allowed. The teachers literally beat it into us one way or another. When we loosened our standards on the kids as far as handwriting goes, it seemed to open a Pandoras box. Students now have terrible handwriting, and nobody does anything about it. Should we go rear to beating that into the kids again? No, I dont think so. But, we certainly need to spend the time on these kids to make handwriting easy and legible. We need to lessen one more obstacle in their paths, as they are up against so much.

Unfortunately, a teacher makes a judgment on ejust paper that crosses her desk. I know, as I have been a teacher for a long time. Dont we just love those papers from those little girls where the cursive is flowing, the writing is legible, the votaxiularys are spelled rightly, and ejustthing makes sense. It is easy to put an A grade on that paper. Throw in a paper from a little guy with learning problems and dysgraphia, and As are hard to offer out. The content may even be better than the other girls paper, but by the time the teacher is done trying to decipher what is being said on the page, she is exhausted. Compare it to the other paper and it is easy to see why one paper fetchs an A and the other fetchs an F. Some papers may actually deserve a higher grade, but the teacher forms a courseive opinion, euniquely on essays. The student with dysgraphia is up against a lot.

Following is a list of symptoms of dysgraphia:

Exhibits strong verbal skills but poor writing skills

Punctuation errors that are random or non-existent

Spelling errors


Generally illegible writing

Inconsistencies such as mixtures of print and cursive or upper and lower case letters

Irregular sizes, shapes, and slants of letters

Unfinished votaxiularys or letters and omitted votaxiularys in writing

Inconsistent job on the page spaces between votaxiularys and letters lines and margins

Cramped or unusual pencil grip

Talking to self while writing

Slow or labored copying or writing

So, what do you do to help a student with dysgraphia? There are many modifications that can help in a regular lessonroom, but we want the student to learn to function in our society, and our society wont say, Gosh, that kid has dysgraphia. I think ill hire him and offer him a lot of money and then make a lot of modifications for him because of it. No, that isnt how it will go, and we all know it. most job application forms are still handwritten and many places will ask for a hand written letter. Companies want to see if the potential job candidate can write. It is an important skill, and if we make modifications for the student we never right the problem and we never teach him to succeed in society. But, to begin with modifications must happen so the kid can initially succeed, but our goal should always be to fetch the student able to function on his own.

The simplest modifications involve giving more time and shortening the assignment offern. The student can tell a story in a tape recorder and then write the story at his own leisure. indicate the student how to draw a photograph for each thought and then write about each thought. I always listen about having a computer or votaxiulary processor available for these kids, and that is good if the student knows how to type. Believe me, if they have a hard time writing, they almost always have a hard time typing. I cant begin to tell you how many IEP s have a votaxiulary processor written into them and the votaxiulary processor sits in the closet. Why? Because the kid doesnt know how to type, and it is more difficult to learn to type than it is to learn to write. Another modification that can help at first is to assign a secretary to the student. that is a lessonmate who can write for him on some assignments just until his writing improves. Perhaps just for science of social studies. We dont want to offer these kids crutches. We want to offer them tools.

There are many more modifications, but lets move on to actually dealing with dysgraphia and methods for life success. The first thing I do is have them switch to cursive. I dont vehiclee what grade the student is in. First graders can do cursive just fine. Seventh graders can learn cursive. There is a cause for that. Cursive flows. Manuscript does not. These kids have a lot of things going on in their minds, and their hands cannot maintain up with their thoughts. Ask them about it. They will say its real. So, the first step in that journey is to have them switch to cursive. When switching to cursive, I have the student perform strokes on lined paper. Circles, arches, loops, and curves all can be done. I will make a line of strokes and have the student copy it. that jobs even better if done to slow music, such as lessonical. Each cursive stroke needs to be taught and practiced until all are learned and the student is comfortable with them. There are many cursive writing programs available. I also use the magic eights activity using the cursive letters. In a just little amount of time these kids are learning to make cursive letters.

Next, I move on to dictation. I am taking a step out of the process for them. I will offer them paper with lines. I will begin with basic sentences that I will read aloud verbally as many times as necessary. How basic I begin depends on the level of the student. A fifth grader will fetch a more difficult sentence than a first grader. I will call off several sentences and have the student write the sentences using a color marker, pen, or pencil. There are now erasable color pencils that job great, but many times I just let them use a marker. Color jobs well in maintaining the right-brain dominant student focused. Many of these kids are right-brain dominant. Then, I will have them go over their sentences and look for misbrings. I will help them fix any misbrings and we discuss them.

that process may go on for months, depending on how quickly the student progresses. When the student is ready to move on I will then go to paragraphs. I usually will make up a paragraph and have the student write it after I read it aloud. I will read the paragraph as many times as necessary. The student writes the paragraph and rights any errors as before.

Then, I will offer the student a photograph or a tangible item, such as a teddy bear. I will have the student write a sentence about it, just describing what he sees. The cause for that is simple. These kids will try to write and their minds are all over the place. They need training on writing about one thing at a time and writing about just something they see. The student is instructed to describe the item. Sometimes these kids are at a complete loss for votaxiularys. But, we must begin somewhere. If he writes, The key is gold. then that is enough. They were his own votaxiularys. He made his own sentence and that is a begin. There is none more frustrating than reading a slice of writing that has no focus and rambles all over the place.

I will continue having the student write sentences about something that is tangible. I will continue to have the student right his errors and we discuss them. Slowly, I will add items and finally, I will have him write sentences about things that cannot be seen but must be remembered, such as a baseball match. By now the student should have the necessary skills to write about something from memory.

Then, we finally move on to teaching writing. We can use idea bubbles and outlining to plan paragraphs and stories before we write. We can learn about course sentences and concluding sentences. But until we fetch to that point, we must go step by step through the above-mentioned processes. It is not an over night fix. But if done rightly, these students end up with writing skills that will vehiclery them through life.

Article Source:

Author By Lisa Harp

Orignal From: Writing With Dysgraphia

Dealing With Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia is a big votaxiulary, a mouth full, really. most population are aware of it and aware that it has to do with problems doing math. But that syndrome encases so much more than simple math inefficiencies. Dyslexia is so common that ejustbody knows what it is, and reading and writing problems seem to fetch all of the attention. But what about math problems? Is it just math anxiety, or is there a real underlying problem?

So, what is dyscalculia? Dyscalculia is a term, which means specific learning disability in mathematics. Following is a list of symptoms of dyscalculia:

Poor mental math abilities

Inconsistencies with basic computation of addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction

Difficulty understanding money and credit concepts

Fails to understand how small steps add up

May use amount additions, substitutions, transjobs, and reversals (that is alike to the dyslexia that we are all familiar with except it is with amounts)

Almost always unaware of misbrings

May do well on book job but fails math quizs

May do well with reading, writing and other courses but cannot seem to understand mathematical concepts

By now you may have a general idea that you or your kid might be suffering from dyscalculia. It is often more frustrating than any other learning disability, because usually these kids do so well in other courses. just try harder, parents lament. Or, parents will bring out the trusty old flash vehicleds and force the kid to go over them time and again. By the next day it is new information to the kid, and the frustration goes on. Parents are convinced that the kid is just being lazy and trying to not do math, when none could be further from the truth.

After the immense pressure of performing well in math and trying hard, these kids really do develop a math anxiety on lid of dyscalculia. They do have processing disorders and are being made to perform with intense pressure to do well. that math is like a foreign language to them, and we are asking them to speak it fluently in front of a large group of population.

Generally, once dyscalculia is diagnosed, the student is offern modifications to help. Modifications are great. The best modification for dyscalculia is to arrange to have the student re-bring a math quiz that was failed. that sure brings the pressure off. There are other modifications that can help, but it is most beneficial to fetch to the root of the problem. The left and right side of the brain must be considered. The processing must be dealt with. The anxiety must be calmed. Then, and only then, will the student succeed.

First, the left and right sides of the brain must become balanced. It is common knowledge that the left hemisphere of the brain is where we process math and logic. most kids with dyscalculia are right hemisphere dominant. They are simply not using the left sides of their brains. They need taught how to do that. There are many brain-building exercises available that will do that. The brain needs to be balanced for efficient use. The student needs to be able to access the left side of his brain as easily as the right, and then math can be learned. The brain must be taught how to access the left side of the brain. In addition, it is always best to have these kids use colored pencils and blank sheets of paper when doing math. Color is what maintains the right side of the brain focused. These right brain dominant kids see colors and photographs. As they job on their math, the color maintains them focused. The blank paper maintains them from fetchting distracted.

most kids begin doing better in math after a few weeks of brain balancing exercises. The magic eights activity with amounts is truly magic for these kids. It is also a good idea to have them count by 2s, 3s, 4s, etc. that orders their world and helps their brains job in a more systematic way. Have them write their 2s one day, 3s the next, and so forth. Cross-crawls, martial arts, baseball, and golf are all good brain building exercises, too. These alone wont cure dyscalculia, but they all will help.

Next, lets deal with processing disorders. These kids just cant maintain three or four images in their minds. And we ask them to do long division. Boy, division is long for these kids. While the ace math student is on amount 24, these kids are still on amount 1. Their pages are a mess at all of their erasing, and they just cant remember what 5x6 is. By the time they figure out what the answer to 5x6 is, they forgot where they were on their page and which step they were on. Was it the multiply part or subtract? And it goes on. Of course they dont fetch the right answers and they come home with 40 math problems to do. (OK, here is a modification that is good, too. Have the students problems shortened until success is met.) Throw in fractions, and these kids are convinced they cant do math and that they are dumb.

The problem really isnt the math. The problem is that they are weak in visual memory and they have a difficult time processing more than one step at a time. So, job on visual memory skills first with these kids. The weak visual memory is why they cant remember their math facts. I have yet to meet a kid with dyscalculia who knew all of his math facts. The best way to do that is to hold up a vehicled with a few amounts and shapes on it. Here is an example:

Hold that vehicled up to the kid for about 5 seconds and bring it away. The kid then copies the shapes and amounts from memory. As the kid fetchs better at that, add more shapes and amounts. A few minutes of that ejust day helps. Eventually, you can move on to a math fact done in the same manner. Did you notice the use of color again? Black and white does just little for these kids. We want to meet them half way and offer them some tools for success. Color is one of these tools. Dont use purchased flash vehicleds for these kids. You may have noticed by now that they dont job. offer them a math fact in color and use it in the above-mentioned manner. Do about 2 or 3 a day. Dont overload them. Have them recall the facts from yesterday before moving on. If they are still having trouble, they need photographs and stories to help them remember. If that doesnt job, then they need a tactile method. Have them write their facts in shaving cream. Soon, all of the facts are learned, and math becomes much easier.

Next, you need to make sure these kids are able to do more than a pair of steps at a time. Practice with commands such as walk, jump, skip. maintain adding on to the list of commands. Do that on paper. Say two amounts. The student is to write them. Add another amount. The student must write it and the previous amounts. Play with pattern blocks. You and the student both have a matching set. Make a shape with yours, indicate it to the student and then cover your set. The student must remember the order the shapes were in a place his in the matching order. offer the student a amount. Have him add another amount to it. Then have him remember that amount and multiply a amount with that new amount, and so on. You see, these are matchs that build on processing.

vehicled matchs are awesome. Board matchs help, too. Let your kid be the banker, even if he messes it up. Its only a match. Help him offer change rear. I have noticed that kids who play a lot of board matchs with their families do better in math than those that dont. kids who play a lot of video matchs seem to do worse. Do you see the connection? I use the match Blink a lot with my students with dyscalculia. They must be thinking of many things at one time, just like you need to with long division. kids love matchs and will play them longer.

Finally, the math anxiety must be dealt with. that is the most difficult part of dyscalculia for many population. at all is said and done and the student is performing better, he still maintains the anxiety. Ejust quiz can cause his palms to sweat and his listent to beat fast. He is basically in fight or flight, and we know that we cant learn and think in that mode. We simply react. With the new math standards going to more and more causeing and problem solving instead computation, that is not the best method for a struggling math student.

bring the pressure of the kid to begin with. If he fails a math quiz, so what? See if the teacher will let him bring it over. Practice the night before the quiz to assure confidence. Dont berate the kid for doing poorly. Dont punish because of his grades. He really is doing the best he can. If the student is in high school and needs credits, you will have to be just actively involved in the students life. Teachers must be aware of the problem and be willing to help. Go over daily job with the student. Have practice quizs with the students. Pretend that it is quiz day at school. You may even have to have the student quized in a separate room so they are not watching what other kids are doing. My daughter has math anxiety. We found out continue year that if she went to the rear of the room to a separate table that she did much better. She was judging herself against the other kids who were whipping through the quiz and she had herself convinced that she would fail because they were smarter than her. The mind is truly amazing, isnt it?

These are just some basic tips to help you with a kid with dyscalculia. There are so many more things to do to help these kidren. just be sure that they do fetch help. It is lonely and svehicley to be in a math world that you just dont understand.

Article Source:

Author By Lisa Harp

Orignal From: Dealing With Dyscalculia

Honorary Doctorates Should Be A Trend Setter

As president of a new distance-learning seminary, I have just approved an honorary doctorate to a distinguished South African.

He lives in a place I have never listend of: Mogoditshane, Botswana. Since my church and seminary are both located in Jacksonville, Florida, that was a remarkable experience for me, and it really drove home the unifying power of the internet.

On my way to the post office to mail the document, I wondered whether it would cost a fortune to send it so far or whether it could even be delivered there by U.S. mail. But the clerk handled the matter routinely, and the poslabele was $2.67 first-lesson.

The recipient, Mosimane C. Rammika, no doubt listend of our institution through that article service, for which I do a lot of writing.

When I first made the decision to offer honorary doctorates in addition to our academic curricula, I was excited about what the chance could do for population. There are millions and millions of population all over the world who have made tireless contributions to humanity but have never been recognized.

Rammika is an excellent example. From youth job to advocacy for justice and peace, that gentleman has gone all out for years. He is a lay preacher in the Catholic Church, the manager of a football team, and a patron of the Botswana Council of Women. And there is much more, too much to go into here.

He has bolstered my long-held belief that not only seminaries but all colleges and universities should honor population in that way. Why should sitting in a lessonroom and passing exams count more heavily than achievements "in the trenches", where population need help?

Not only should honorary degrees be offered, but life experience of substantial merit should be offern academic credit toward a traditional, earned degree. jobing as a copman should count for more than a few courses in sociology.

Volunteering for the Red Cross in a disaster should be respected more than a course in psychology 101. And adopting multiple kidren should turn more heads than a certificate as a day-vehiclee jober!

Here is a practical example of my point: All the criticisms of the health-vehiclee industry aside, medical education is on track. Doctors-to-be acquire their real education by seeing, touching, listening, and even smelling.

Only two years are spent in lessonroom rigors. All other training is by supervised experience with real, live patients.

For all of these causes, I think the academic community needs to bring a fresh look at what they are really accomplishing. The world needs population willing to fetch their hands dirty. While textbook knowledge has indisputable worth, so does experience in service.

I want I can award a thousand honorary doctorates before my time is up.

Article Source:

Author By Dr. Heyward Ewart, III

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Preschool Education - What You Must Teach Your Preschooler

Many members of my mother's generation did not even attend kindergarten. Many members of my generation did not even attend preschool. With my son's generation preschool has become a necessary part of preparation for formal education. In fact for most kidren, formal education actually begins with preschool. that does not mean that preschool education begins the first day of preschool. In fact, if you want your kid to successful in preschool and beyond then you must prepare your kid for preschool. What are some of the things you will need to teach your preschooler?

First and foremost you must help your kid become as independent as possible. that means toilet training and basic hygiene as well as the ability to dress themselves. Prepare your kid mentally and emotionally for the idea of independence from you and other primary vehicleeofferrs. Preschool teachers are obviously vehicleing and helpful but they will not be able to offer the same level of attention many kidren are accustomed to from their primary vehicleeofferr.

There are also some basic concepts that kidren must learn. These lessons will be solidified during preschool but if a kid grasps them before preschool that is even better. that includes knowledge of colors and shapes. Do not spend a lot of time drilling that knowledge into your kid, but instead casually introduce it to your kid through daily life. Name the colors of the outfit your kid will wear that day. Point out various shapes during the day or even cut food into a shape of the day.

begin jobing with your toddler early to introduce the letters of the alphabet and then as those are mastered begin introducing the beginning letter sounds. Again, make these lessons fun and casual as you go about your daily routine. alikely, begin jobing on counting as you cook, clean and dress.

Why must you prepare your preschooler for preschool? As I pointed out in the opening paragraph, the educational bar is continually being raised. Kindergarten is no longer about preparation. real education goals are set and kidren learn reading and math. They begin learning several reading concepts and are expected to count to 100 in kindergarten. First grade students are reading and performing complex math and money problems. kidren can enter preschool without any knowledge of independence, colors, shapes, letters, and amounts, but a head begin can help them be more successful in preschool and then later in formal education.

A kid who begins kindergarten not knowing these concepts will be behind and may never fetch caught up. Even worse, that late begin will destroy the kid's self esteem and confidence as well as cause the kid to hate school and learning. Some kidren can overcome these challenges and go on to become successful but all too many kidren continue to fail throughout school and life. Which would you rather for your kid's future? If you want your kid to succeed in preschool, formal education, and life then you should job on the key concepts long before schooling begins.

Article Source:

Author By Deanna Mascle

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Narration - The Best Way to learn

Nine year-old Elizabeth sits quietly listening as her mother reads from a well-written book on natural science. Mother reads a paragraph or two, and then asks Elizabeth to tell in her own votaxiularys what was just read. The kid eagerly relates the content of the paragraphs, often using some of the same expressive language as she has just listend. Mother nods and reads a few more paragraphs. When the lesson is done, Elizabeth cheerfully moves off to her next course in school. In a few weeks, Elizabeth will be asked to relate what she learned from the book on natural science. She does so with near perfect recall.

Does that scene seem unlikely to you? Not only is it likely, it is happening around the US and abroad with increasing regularity. The process of retelling in one's on votaxiularys what is read or listend is called narration. that method is one of the simplest and yet most profound ways a kid can learn. British educational reformer Charlotte Mason recommended narration as the best way for a kid to retain new learning.

What is narration?

Simply, narration is the telling rear in one's own votaxiularys what has been read aloud or read quietly. most kidren enjoy telling you what they know. To have an adult wait for their votaxiularys with smiling eyes and anticipation is something any kid cherishes. Charlotte Mason believed that that love of telling could be used as a foundation for self-education.

Narration as self-education

Much learning in lessonrooms and home schools today is by decaye memorization. that means of instruction is the least effective because the kid is committing the information to memory for the purpose of using it in a quiz, often with little or no comprehension

Charlotte Mason refers to the mind of the learner as having an outer and inner court. The outer court is short-term memory and does not engage the personality; the inner court of long-term memory is the seat of the kid's of emotional and cognitive abilities. When knowledge is engaged at that inner court, information is not only retained it is understood and used by the kid.

high-quality literature essential to narration

A kid cannot narrate from a textbook or a book with short statements and plenty of graphics. They must be offern the best of books, the lessonics, as well as non-fiction jobs that are descriptive.The author of a high-quality job has a passion for the course and is able to inspire, delight and educate in a narrative form. In the votaxiularys of Ms. Mason, it is well-put and well-told.

How to do narration?

A kid of six is ready to begin with short narrations. Aesop's Fables is the best way to begin because the narratives are short and contain few incidents. You can lengthen the amount of fabric to be narrated as the kid progresses. After a few years of consistent, regular narration a student should be able to narrate an entire chapter.

To begin, sit with the kid (or kidren) and tell him gently, that you am going to read (title) one time and you want him to listen vehicleefully and to tell in his own votaxiularys all he remembers of the reading. After you read the story or passage, pause a moment to let it settle in, then ask the kid to tell rear to you what he has listend. listen without comment until the kid is done.

If there is more than one kid you can let one begin and another adds to the narration. Alternately, you can have the first kid narrate and then ask a second (or third) if there is anything they would like to add. Taking turns narrating while others listen builds the custom of attention in kidren.

When should I use written narration?

A teaching parent can begin transcribing a kid's verbal narrations from the first. Later, the kid can write narrations independently. By sixth grade a student should be doing written narrations each day.

beginning narration with older kidren

What if you want to begin narration with a fourth, fifth or even junior high student? The process is the same, only the student progresses faster. begin with Aesop's Fables, and move to more and more challenging literature. To begin with, make narration a separate course. As you see success, bring it into your kid's regular studies, remembering to use writing of literary quality.

Benefits of narration

just a few of the benefits of using narration as a means of self-education are attention, retention, expressive language, and higher level thinking. Charlotte Mason felt that narration was the means or engaging the learner in his own learning. begin today using narration consistently in your homeschool and you will see marvelous results.

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Author By Sheila vehicleroll

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What is CPU?

In most computer basic training lesson/lessones, so many students ask the problem "what is CPU". that should also be one of the courses that must be covered in ejust computer basics training. There are some operating system books that go into details on educating you more about your computer operating systems and what that 3 alphabets means and how to know the functions they perform on your PC.

Computers job through an interaction of hardware and software. Hardware refers to the parts of a computer that you can see and touch, including the case and ejustthing inside it. The most important slice of hardware is a tiny rectangular chip inside your computer called the central processing unit, or microprocessor. It's the "brain" of your computer-the part that translates instructions and performs calculations. I want you now know "What Is CPU" and what they do on and for your computer.

As part of your computer basic training and your computer basics, you should also know what "Computer Operating System" (OS) is. In its basic form, the definition of an operating system is as follows: a set of computer programs that manage the hardware and software resources of a computer system. We can add to that definition to say that an operating system rationally processes electronic devices in response to approved commands.

At the foundation of all system software, an operating system performs basic tasks such as controlling and allocating memory, prioritizing system requests, controlling input and output devices, facilitating netjobing, and managing file systems.

There are some good computer operating system books to help you understand ejust little bit about ejust operating system and "What Is CPU". You can find one through my recourse box after reading that article; if you are interested. want you enjoyed today's lesson? Hoeing to see you in my next computer basic training lesson, where we'll be learning more advanced computer basics to help you learn how to use computer faster. Have a nice day!

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Author By Fredrick Ituma

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America's Stonehenge - A Glimpse Into Time

We arrived at America's Stonehenge in North Salem, NH around 10:30am on a cool, crisp drop Sunday morning. As we entered the dirt driveway we observed the main wooden lodge which sat on the base of a wooded hill. Here is where we begin our journey into a time and place that is slowly revealing many secrets into our New Hampshire history through the uncovering of its' ancient walls of stone.

Inside the lodge the kids and I were greeted by a woman who gave us a map of the site they once called Mystery Hill Caves and now known as America's Stonehenge. She then directed us to a darkened room where we watched a short video film of the stone site that lay on lid of the hill. We then proceeded outside to an outside foyer where, on the right, were a few tan colored Alpaca's contained in a fenced in zone and two paths that lead in and out of the stone ruins up ahead.

As we began our walk up the slightly sloped hill we first encountered an zone that held wigwam made out of tree branches and a cooking zone also made out of tree branches. We found the actual shape of the wigwam interestingly round shaped instead like a t-pee form we are accustomed to seeing. As we continued stone walls began forming on the sides of our path and we observed the stones to be just flat rather than rounded as we see sometimes surrounding our nationside in N.H. Some of the stones had triangular shape and appeared to look like mini sundials. We observed many of these stones in larger form placed strategically around the main structures found at the lid center of the hill. On the right is a photograph of one of these stones which directly faces the sun during that time of day.

When I downloaded the photograph I noticed that beautiful rainbow bursting right out of the stone!

We proceeded to walk around the main structures in the center and observed the many unique stone formations within the stone walls that divided them. One zone contained the "Sacrificial" like stone slab. that slab appears to have been used for that purpose and I would have to agree it may have been at one time, but after giving it some thought the kids and I came up with some of our own theories which included a table where the leaders either religious or political or both gathered to discuss issues at hand, or a table where they just worshipped their gods, not necessarily making sacrificial offerings. We also discussed they may have used it to eat at as a family to celebrate different holidays. We felt the sundial stone near the table itself would have been set there to announce the different times during the year each holiday would have been celebrated or times when they would worship their gods according to where the sun was jobed during the day. Because these many sundial type stones could be found all around the site, we theorized that they may have served as the tribe's time clock which they observed in fulfilling whatever duties they actually performed there at the appropriate times of the day.

Although the literature we were offern dates that site rear to prehistoric times, it is still a mystery to us who actually built that structure. Upon entering the Oracle Room and observing the photograph of the running deer on the stone wall, we got the sense that Native Americans were one of the cultures who may have incustomed that land and used the structures for their own purposes at some point. One theory we came up with was that they used the table like structure to gut their deer and possibly eat on it as well as store their food in the different caverns in and around the site. The Oracle Room was also extremely isolated and could have been used for pdecayective shelter during war times.

We observed water in and around the lid of the site and thought there may have been a time when it flowed more heavily from different points on the hill and may have been used for drinking, bathing, or spiritual rituals. Any amount of different tribes from various periods of time could have used that site for causes of their own but it is the original builders who leave us in wonder of who they might have been. Early prehistoric tribes were mainly hunters and gatherers and may not have believed in sacrificial uses for such an elaborate stone alter like the one seen here, but there are tribes such as the Mayans who were.

We concluded that it would have had to be someone like the Mayans who actually believed in sacrificing to their gods and had great knowledge of time and dividing time into a calendar year that would have gone to these great lengths in establishing such an zone as America's Stonehenge.

After walking around the western trail a bit we realized it would bring us an entire day to explore the vast majority of that site so we decided to make our way rear down to the main lodge and come rear another day to do just that. that experience opened up our minds to an awareness of our past we have not thought of until now. When we think of New England history we usually only go rear as far as the earlier settlers and Native Americans who incustomed these lands before them, but after visiting America's Stonehenge we now have a better sense that man existed and walked that earth long before then as the earth reveals her secrets underneath her cloak of sand.

Article Source:

Author By Susan Clement

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Thirtieth Year of NTP

Netjob Time Pdecayocol (NTP), the Internet's most commonly used time synchronisation software is to be thirty years old that year having had its first demonstration in 1979.

Almost as old as the Internet itself, NTP was first demonstrated (albeit in a just distant form) at the national Computer Conference held in New York in June of 79' which was also when the Internet is thought to have had its first public exposure as it operated over a trans-Atlantic satellite netjob.

Since that time NTP has been constantly updated and owes its success as the predominant time synchronisation pdecayocol used today to the many hundreds of dedicated (and mostly unpaid) computer timemaintainers that strive for ever increasing accuracy.

Thanks to NTP the entire world now functions almost as one with the time synchronised on computer netjobs all over the world to the same UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) standard thanks to NTP time servers.

NTP has gone from accuracy levels of hundreds of milliseconds to tens of nanoseconds and it is continually pushed forward for ever increasing accuracy.

While NTP is now so integral to the Internet and the way we job and live our lives in a global economy, yet just few non 'Techheads' will ever have listend of the pdecayocol or of the NTP time server both of which have changed the shape of society and the way we live our lives.

Without NTP and the NTP server many of the technologies and online transactions and applications we bring for granted such as booking an airline ticket, sending and email or even downloading music would become highly problematic, if not impossible without perfect time synchronisation.

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Author By Richard N Williams

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Improve Your Math Through the Power of Subliminal Messages

Math is a language. A complex set of symbols on a page or blackboard with it's own unique set of grammatical rules and conventions. Unfortunately it isn't a language that can be picked up from your parents in the cradle like say French or Icelandic. So for many population, learning maths is a hard, sometimes embarrassingly painful and fruitless slog. Even the most basic arithmetic can be resisted in our unconscious mind as an irritating invader.

Unfortunately amounts are, whether we like it or not, the universal symbolic language of our modern age. They transcend borders and conventional language and to be incompetent with them is to be left behind in life.

Subliminal CDs can bring the power of positive thinking to the mental challenge that amounts provide. Often it isn't the amounts or the formulas that are the barriers for population, rather it is the idea of amounts is a closed door, a black hole or immovable barrier. But a positive approach and an openness to learning can bring math strugglers a long way toward their goal of competent numeracy.

Play subliminal messages on your iPod or mp3 to make you unconscious mind ready wiling and able to grasp the maths that you are learning. You will first notice a lack of the usual amount anxiety that common to most normal non-math geniuses.

You will then appreciate math and amounts from a whole new perspective. It is no longer that you CAN'T do maths but it is that yo simply have NOT YET bringn on the new knowledge. Subliminal messages make all things possible and open your mind to the possibilities of your amounts coming up.

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Author By Dan Bainbridge

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Hannah Montana - "Get Down Study-udy-udy" part 2

Hannah Montana episode 4 part 2 "Get Down Study-udy-udy". I DO NOT OWN THIS!!! All rights go to rightful owners. Please comment & subscribe! Enjoy!

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High School Musical 3 - Can I Have This Dance *OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO w/lyrics (HQ)

The Official clip of "Can I Have This Dance" from High School Musical 3. The movie hits theaters Oct 24th! Lyrics : Take my hand, take a breath Pull me close, and take one step Keep your eyes locked on mine And let the music be your guide (Troy and Gabriella) Now won't you promise me (Won't you promise me) That you'll never forget (That we'll keep dancing) To keep dancing (To keep dancing) Where ever we go next (Troy and Gabriella) It's like catching lightening The chances of of finding ...

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Ice Nine Kills - What I Should Have Learned In Study Hall

Artist: Ice Nine Kills Title: What I Should Have Learned In Study Hall Album: The Burning Lyrics: Well I waited till you packed your bags I took a picture and hoped it would last with you All the way through the times you and I couldn't have Now I know that it shouldn't be this hard But you've moved yourself so damn far And I won't suffice when there's two-thousand miles to drive I'm thinking it over Thinking about all the days and nights We would spend laughing are you happy In Colorado ...

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MadTV Sex Education Sketch

lustiges Filmchen vom Sender Fox - Mad TV! Mit Avril Lavigne !!

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High School Musical - Bop to the Top

Bop To The Top - High School Musical Ashley Tisdale & Lucas Grabeel communitys HSM:

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rise Against - Re-Education(Through Labor) w/ lyrics

Rise Against's new single, Re-Education(Through Labor). We don't live.We survive. IMPORTANT NOTE: -It's not "We bring the dawn over the new", the correct would be "We bring the dawn, long overdue". -It's not "A judge's sky no longer blue", the correct would be "Under this sky no longer blue". To the sound of a heartbeat pounding away To the rhythm of the awful rusted machines We toss and turn but don't sleep Each breath we take makes us thieves Like causes without rebels Just talk but ...

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New Day For Stem Cell Study

President Obama has taken a big step toward getting federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. He signed an executive order lifting the research limitations. Joel Brown Reports.

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U.S. Army Ranger School - Part 1

Rangers. Get an idea of what it's like to go through the US Army Ranger School. Rangers Lead the Way.

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Use An Astrive Student Loan To Finance Your College Education

Ejustone realizes that it is important to fetch college education. However, some population offer up their education because of the lack of financial support. Even if they have money for college tuition, they do not have money for the additional expenses which are deemed necessary. Such additional expenses are the likes rent, books, laboratory fees, and transportation allowances, among many others. Well, if you are the student on the verge of leaving school because of financial difficulties, do not offer up just yet.

The government is not the only one who helps financially-challenged students. There are private institutions that help students financially, in order to fetch into college. that can be in the form of a scholarship or educational grant. And of course, there are also student loans. A student loan is a financial service where in the funds is lent for the time you attend school and paid rear once you graduate. Astrive Student Loan is one of those loans that students can apply for if they want to fetch to college.

With a good student loan, tuition fees are not the only thing covered. There are also loan packages which can cover the additional expenses in college education. Let's face it. Such expenses can lead to a substantial amount by the time a student graduates,

Astrive can grant student loans for as low as $1,500 per year and as much as $40,000 per academic year. Students need to spare only 15 minutes to inquire or apply using the Internet or over the telephone. There is such a thing as preliminary approval, where in one can fetch the results in as fast as 15 minutes and then the student can just check in about after a week for the final status.

Like many student loans Astrive loan packages have the option of flexible terms of repayments. A student can choose to make the repayments while still in college or wait until 6 months after graduation. There is also a reduction of up to 0.5% in the interest rate when a student makes automated payments. Over the life of the loan that option could save you thousands of dollars in interest.

Even though there are a lot of additional and unexpected expenses in college, students need not worry from where the funds will come from. Whether they will use it to pay the rent of their boarding familys, other miscellaneous fees, lessonroom laboratory fees, computer rentals, school projects, personal or business travels, or to qualify as a foreign switch student, students loans will come in just handy at all times. However one must use wisdom and discretion when using their funds to assure they have enough to make it to graduation.

Some college students even tend to fetch multiple loans to sustain their finances to college. Astrive Student Loan can supplement federal student loans to cover for the additional expenses of the student that is not dealt with by federal student loans. Such services are available for those in the Undergraduate, Graduate/Professional and Continuing Education Programs. If you have more than one student loan you have the option to consolidate all your loans into one package. that will also save you money in the form of interest over the life of your student loan.

As you can see, using a student loan to achieve your goal of a college education. A college education can be a priceless commodity over the life of the graduate. Using a student loan to achieve that goal is a wise decision that will pay dividends for years to come.

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Author By Jim Kesel

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Definitive Guide to Western Michigan University

Western Michigan University is a major public university located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It was founded in 1903, and was originally known as the Western State Normal School. With a student body of roughly 25,000 students, Western Michigan University is the 4th largest university in the State of Michigan. It's ranked by The vehiclenegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching among the elite public institutions in the nation designated as "research universities with high research activity". U.S. News %26 World Report's yearly college and university rankings include WMU as one of the nation's lid-100 public universities.

Western Michigan University has one of the largest aviation programs in the United States and one of WMU's main expansion projects includes a new aviation campus in Battle Creek, Michigan along with extensive building renovation on the main Kalamazoo campus. The aviation program is generally ranked in the lid 3 in the United States.

Along with the world-renowned College of Aviation, there are 8 other colleges that make up the Western Michigan University system, including the Haworth College of Business (the sixth largest college of business in the nation), the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Education, the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the College of Fine Arts, the College of Health and Human Services, the Lee Honors College, and the Graduate College, combining for more than 250 degree programs.

The 1,200 acre campus is actually a collection of five campuses in and around Kalamazoo including West Campus (usually referred to as the main campus - which includes the College of Arts and Sciences, Haworth College of Business, College of Education, College of Fine Arts, and the Lee Honors College along with most of the administrative buildings and residence halls), East Campus (mainly historical buildings), Oakland Drive Campus (the College of Health and Human Services and the WMU Army decayC program), Parkview Campus (the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences) and of course, the College of Aviation which has it's own campus. With over 150 buildings spread out over 5 campuses, there is a lot to bring in.

In athletics, Western Michigan teams are known as "The Broncos" and their colors are brown and gold. Their main rival is central Michigan University which is located in Mount pleasant, Michigan. most of their teams are in the Mid-American Conference (MAC) with the exception of hockey. Although not known for their athletics programs, they have had several alumni turn professional in various sports including current Green Bay packer, Greg Jennings.

Some other notable alumni of Western Michigan University include Tim Allen, John offerdahl, former NFL star and founder of Einstein Bros. Bagels, Luther Vandross, former mayor of Detroit Dennis Archer, Dave Dombrowski, General Manager of the Detroit Tigers, along with several politicians and high ranking business leaders. Also of note, The College Republicans at Western Michigan University were voted "Best College Republican Chapter in the nation" in 2006.

Although not as well known as the "Big 3" universities in Michigan, Western Michigan University offers a just good education at a more affordable price than some of the more well known universities. For more information including student reviews of the school, be sure to check out the links below.

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Phonics is essentially the relationship between votaxiularys, how they are spelled and the various sounds that combinations of letters make. From a teaching perspective, it is important to teach your kid the most common sound and spelling relationships that you can. that is the basic foundation to good reading skills and offers your kid a good set of tools in which to master the ability to sound out and recognize different votaxiulary and letter combinations.

Phonics instruction is important because the use of phonics helps your kid to associate sounds and spellings and as a result they are better equipped to decode the votaxiularys. that decoding of the votaxiularys improves the kids ability to recognized votaxiularys which builds their votaxiulary and as a result increases their reading fluency. As your kid builds on that foundation of phonics, all that eventually ties tofetchher in the form of being able to concentrate more on the meaning of the text rather than struggling with each individual votaxiulary. As a result, comprehension then begins to rise. A side benefit to learning from phonics is that the kids spelling will have the tendency to improve as they become more skilled in reading and recognizing votaxiularys.

Phonics instruction and practice should be aloud and demonstrative. Encourage your kid to make the sounds aloud so you can literally listen their thought process. that will also enable you to discover any early reading difficulties that your kid may have or develop. Always follow and incorporate each step by step sequence of learning new letter sound votaxiulary construction with exercises in actually reading these new learned skills. Always focus any new letter sound votaxiulary spelling relationship with an exercise of actual reading.

votaxiularys, whether spoken or written, consist of sounds. Phonics is the practice of building the relationship between the letters or symbols and the associated sounds that they make. Building that foundation for your kid through effective phonics instruction insures that the kid moves quickly from learning the votaxiulary to building a votaxiulary which in turn improves their comprehension.

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Online Degree Planning And Returning To School

It can be hard to return to school if you have a family or a job that demands most of your time. In order to be successful in school, you need to be able to devote yourself to it. You also need to be able to meet for lesson whenever they are held. Schedule conflicts are the biggest obstacles for many population when it comes to going rear to school.

The most common explanation for the new online degree is that more and more individuals are using the internet technology to save themselves time. If it proved to be a viable option many would bring advanlabele of the chance to further their education and fetch a degree.

You see it all over the internet. plenty of different schools are offering these new online degrees. They are calling them by all kinds of names, such as distance learning degrees or online graduate degrees, but they all mean the same thing. Basically, that means is that you can go rear to school and fetch your degree, even if you have a just tight schedule.

The greaquiz advanlabele to earning an online degree is being able to bring lessones and do your course job whenever there is time to spare. You almost never have to set aside several hours at one time for learning. You can do your job when your youngest kids go to bed or even later when the whole family is sleeping.

For many adults around the nation, an online degree provides the solution to improving their lives. With their online degree, they can improve their resume and fetch the job they've always dreamed of. Online lessones aren't easy, but if you can find the time to fit in school, you can have the success you seek. So make the time and effort to fetch ahead and fetch that degree you've always wanted.

With hundreds of schools to choose from, online degrees offer you the chance to improve your life, regardless of which one you pick. Don't wait any longer before you look into that amazing chance and technology. The degree you are looking for is available today!

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The ACT - The Alternative to the SAT

After learning hard for the SAT and taking the quiz at least two times, you are still not satisfied with your score. What to do? Well, you can bring the SAT again, or you can consider the ACT. Both exams are acceptable at all colleges. College admissions officers do not favor one exam over the other. And depending upon the type of student you are, the ACT may fit your skills better than the SAT.

The ACT is curriculum based, that is, the problems are aimed more at what you actually learn in high School. Therefore the ACT is more knowledge based and straightforward. The SAT on the other hand is more of a causeing quiz which favors students who have excellent problem solving skills. The format of the ACT consists of three mini quizs-Math, English and Science with an optional 30 minute writing quiz. While the ACT is shorter (2 hours 55 minutes vs. 3 hours 45 minutes for the SAT), it is more time intensive-the student must answer each problem quickly in order to fetch through an entire section in the allotted time.

Many college advisors contend there are two distinct groups of students which may score much higher on one quiz or the other. high achievers who fetch the highest grades in the most difficult lessones through hard job generally do better on the ACT. gifted underachievers who are bored in lesson generally do better on the SAT. Which type of student are you?

My advice for all high School juniors is simple. After you receive your May or June SAT score, check to see whether your SAT score fits into the admissions criteria for the schools you will be applying to. If not, purchase The real ACT Prep Guide (2nd Edition) and familiarize yourself with the quiz during the summer. bring the ACT in September or October of your senior year. Whichever quiz yields the highest score, send the scores of that quiz along with your college application. It's a no lose projob.

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Connecticut Parents - 23 Insider Tips To Evaluate Financial Aid Awards From Connecticut Colleges

most parents are so excited that they made it through the first step of applying for Connecticut colleges, filling out the forms and fetchting a financial aid package that they don't even know how to tell a good financial aid package from a bad financial aid package. Here are 23 of my lid tips to help you navigate a financial aid awards package from a Connecticut college.

  • Check the deadline date for acceptance of the award letter.

  • Check the (Expected family Contribution) EFC on the award letter with the EFC indicaten on the Student Aid Report (SAR) in order to check the accuracy of EFC indicaten on the letter.

  • Make sure the real (Cost of College) COA for Connecticut colleges is indicated on the award letter. If a COA is not indicaten or it appears to leave out some costs, determine the real COA by knowing your Federal PLUS loan eligibility and then computing the real COA.

  • Don't consider Federal PLUS loans or Unsubsidized Stafford loans as financial aid. Remember that loans are loans.

  • Determine which parts of the letter could be accepted, denied, or appealed by meeting with a Connecticut admissions counseling professional or a Connecticut college consultant.

  • Determine if the grant and scholarship aid is renewable and what are the criteria for renewal (e.g., What GPA is required for renewal?).

  • If a Connecticut college has an acceptance deadline that cannot be met, the you should ask for an extension of time, and if the college will not grant an extension of time, then you should sign and accept the award letter. that will safeguard the award.

  • Accepting an award letter does not commit the student to attending the Connecticut college.

  • Accepting an award letter does not prevent you from filing a future appeal of the award letter.

  • If a Connecticut college cutrearons the award in future years, the you should threaten the college with the plan to transfer to another college. Sometimes colleges will offer retention scholarships to maintain the student.

  • When all the award letters have been received, your Connecticut college consultant should compare them to determine the best award.

  • The amounts on the award letter should be compared to the percenlabele of need met, percenlabele of gift-aid, and percenlabele of self-help aid that the college advertises. If the amounts are not what the college advertises, the award letter should be appealed to the (Financial Aid officer) FAO.

  • If the award letter does not meet the expectations of the family, it should be appealed to the FAO.

  • If the Connecticut family has unique circumstances that have not been considered by the FAO, the award letter should be appealed to the FAO.

  • Determine how "Connecticut private scholarships are handled. Do they cutrearon grants or loan in the award letter?

  • These are the lid 15 insider tips and strategies for Connecticut parents of college bound students can use to evaluate financial aid offers.

    For more insider tips, strategies and secrets click the link below.

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