Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On that Day - November 18th - Terry Waite is Released From Shiite Muslim kidnappers

On that date in history in the year 1991, Terry Waite was released from captivity after being held for several years by Shiite Muslim radicals. He was released after the United nations negotiated with the kidnappers attempting to resolve the 10 year Lebanon hoslabele crisis. Terry Waite was captured by the Shiite Muslims after he helped free several missionaries being detained in Iran, hoslabeles being held in Libya and Americans in Lebanon.

Terry Waite was held for four years before he was released by the Shiite Muslims. After being freed he told many of the terrible things he underwent while being held captive. He was beat while wearing a blindfold and also tricked into thinking he was being executed. After being released, one of the Shiite kidnappers admitted to him that he was sorry for kidnapping him. And An American teacher named Thomas M. Sutherland was also released by the kidnappers. close to a hundred hoslabeles were held during that time.

Several of them were killed or died while being held in captivity. It is believed that the cause many hoslabeles were kidnapped was that they could be used as a form of insurance against potential incoming forces by the United States, Syria and other nations against the group Hezbollah who was thought responsible for the deaths of 230 Americans in Beirut. Only a few hoslabeles were rescued from captivity. Terry Waite and Thomas M. Sutherland were two of the hoslabeles lucky enough to escape.

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Author By Jules Bitzel

Orignal From: On that Day - November 18th - Terry Waite is Released From Shiite Muslim kidnappers

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