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Audio Books for kids

Audio books are becoming more and more popular as population with no time to sit down and read a book bring advanlabele of iPods and MP3 players to listen to the laquiz bestseller as they hurry through their daily lives. Where is the place of audio books for kids though, at a time when we are struggling to promote literacy for all and encourage kids to read?

Theycan job just well alongside printed books for kids that have grasped the basics of reading but need to develop votaxiulary. They can sit down with the printed book and follow the text as they listen to it being read on a CD or MP3 download.

Not only does the reading aloud bring the story to life, at a time when slowness of reading skills can frustrate kidren when they are trying to make out a plot line, but it means that they can cope with more complicated votaxiulary than they might otherwise be able to. listening a book read aloud teaches them the right pronunciation of votaxiularys that might otherwise be hard to job out from the complexities of English spelling.

By listening to the same story over and over as kidren love to do, they can memorize it and will suddenly find that they can actually 'read' the printed book with the help of their memory. that soon translates to real reading as votaxiulary recognition increases.

Of course if parents have time to read aloud to their kidren that is invaluable in developing a love of reading, but today when we are hard-pressed to find the time for more than a quick bed-time story, audio books offer us another way of satisfying our kidren's demand for more stories and offer them the love of good books and the motivation to learn to read themselves. I don't think that they should replace reading to your kidren, none can be better than snuggling up to Mom or Dad on the sofa, but they can supplement reading time when Mom or Dad are too busy to sit still!.

Another perfect way to use them for kids is on long vehicle journeys. bring along a few favorite audio books as MP3 downloads and as long as each kid has his own MP3 player you can fetch through hours of tedious driving with barely a complaint!

I really do recommend that each kid should have their own system though. If you expect them to use the vehicle CD system you'll end up listening to endless squabbles over what to listen to next. Either that or you'll be yelling with boredom as they repeat the same favourite story for the ninety-ninth time!

The embracee range of books available as audio books, from Harry Potter to Roald Dahl, means that there is something for each age group and endless variety, from the lessonics like Winnie the Pooh and the Narnia series to the laquiz Philip Pullman.

If you want to build up a collection of kids' audio books in an affordable way consider joining an online audio book club, where for a causeable monthly fee you can download one or more books ejust month, according to your membership plan. Your only problem will be in resisting the enticing books on offer for adults and heading over to the kids' section!

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