Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Advice for Using Online lesson Plans

It's not hard to find a 2nd grade lesson plan when you do a search online. There is such a

wealth of information available on the Internet for teachers, all they have to do is select

the course of the lesson they want to teach and Presto! - they have it.

However, when you copy a 2nd grade lesson plan, you need to read it vehicleefully before you use it in your lessonroom. that is because although the lesson plan may deal with the

course matter you want to teach, it may not fulfill the curriculum objectives. Therefore,

you may need to make adaptations so that you add something to the plan. You also have

to consider the needs of your students. Can they perform the tasks in the lesson or do you

have to make adaptations here too?

fetchting the 2nd grade lesson plan you need is easy and you may be lucky enough to hit on one that matches what you want perfectly. Even if you do have to make changes, you

have a good begining point. The ideas in the lesson may spark some ideas of your own

leading you to come up with something completely original.

You also have to check the fabrics required for the lesson. most 2nd grade lesson plans

begin off with kidren's Literature, so you need to make sure your school library has the

book. If you are looking for a science lesson plan for 2nd grade, then it is useless to have a great lesson plan if you don't have the fabrics you need to teach it.

The best way to search online for a 2nd grade lesson plan is to look at your planning

needs, at least a week in advance. that way when you come across an excellent lesson,

you have time to make the necessary changes or to look for the fabrics.

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