Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Improve Your Math Through the Power of Subliminal Messages

Math is a language. A complex set of symbols on a page or blackboard with it's own unique set of grammatical rules and conventions. Unfortunately it isn't a language that can be picked up from your parents in the cradle like say French or Icelandic. So for many population, learning maths is a hard, sometimes embarrassingly painful and fruitless slog. Even the most basic arithmetic can be resisted in our unconscious mind as an irritating invader.

Unfortunately amounts are, whether we like it or not, the universal symbolic language of our modern age. They transcend borders and conventional language and to be incompetent with them is to be left behind in life.

Subliminal CDs can bring the power of positive thinking to the mental challenge that amounts provide. Often it isn't the amounts or the formulas that are the barriers for population, rather it is the idea of amounts is a closed door, a black hole or immovable barrier. But a positive approach and an openness to learning can bring math strugglers a long way toward their goal of competent numeracy.

Play subliminal messages on your iPod or mp3 to make you unconscious mind ready wiling and able to grasp the maths that you are learning. You will first notice a lack of the usual amount anxiety that common to most normal non-math geniuses.

You will then appreciate math and amounts from a whole new perspective. It is no longer that you CAN'T do maths but it is that yo simply have NOT YET bringn on the new knowledge. Subliminal messages make all things possible and open your mind to the possibilities of your amounts coming up.

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