Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thirtieth Year of NTP

Netjob Time Pdecayocol (NTP), the Internet's most commonly used time synchronisation software is to be thirty years old that year having had its first demonstration in 1979.

Almost as old as the Internet itself, NTP was first demonstrated (albeit in a just distant form) at the national Computer Conference held in New York in June of 79' which was also when the Internet is thought to have had its first public exposure as it operated over a trans-Atlantic satellite netjob.

Since that time NTP has been constantly updated and owes its success as the predominant time synchronisation pdecayocol used today to the many hundreds of dedicated (and mostly unpaid) computer timemaintainers that strive for ever increasing accuracy.

Thanks to NTP the entire world now functions almost as one with the time synchronised on computer netjobs all over the world to the same UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) standard thanks to NTP time servers.

NTP has gone from accuracy levels of hundreds of milliseconds to tens of nanoseconds and it is continually pushed forward for ever increasing accuracy.

While NTP is now so integral to the Internet and the way we job and live our lives in a global economy, yet just few non 'Techheads' will ever have listend of the pdecayocol or of the NTP time server both of which have changed the shape of society and the way we live our lives.

Without NTP and the NTP server many of the technologies and online transactions and applications we bring for granted such as booking an airline ticket, sending and email or even downloading music would become highly problematic, if not impossible without perfect time synchronisation.

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