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Preschool Education - What You Must Teach Your Preschooler

Many members of my mother's generation did not even attend kindergarten. Many members of my generation did not even attend preschool. With my son's generation preschool has become a necessary part of preparation for formal education. In fact for most kidren, formal education actually begins with preschool. that does not mean that preschool education begins the first day of preschool. In fact, if you want your kid to successful in preschool and beyond then you must prepare your kid for preschool. What are some of the things you will need to teach your preschooler?

First and foremost you must help your kid become as independent as possible. that means toilet training and basic hygiene as well as the ability to dress themselves. Prepare your kid mentally and emotionally for the idea of independence from you and other primary vehicleeofferrs. Preschool teachers are obviously vehicleing and helpful but they will not be able to offer the same level of attention many kidren are accustomed to from their primary vehicleeofferr.

There are also some basic concepts that kidren must learn. These lessons will be solidified during preschool but if a kid grasps them before preschool that is even better. that includes knowledge of colors and shapes. Do not spend a lot of time drilling that knowledge into your kid, but instead casually introduce it to your kid through daily life. Name the colors of the outfit your kid will wear that day. Point out various shapes during the day or even cut food into a shape of the day.

begin jobing with your toddler early to introduce the letters of the alphabet and then as those are mastered begin introducing the beginning letter sounds. Again, make these lessons fun and casual as you go about your daily routine. alikely, begin jobing on counting as you cook, clean and dress.

Why must you prepare your preschooler for preschool? As I pointed out in the opening paragraph, the educational bar is continually being raised. Kindergarten is no longer about preparation. real education goals are set and kidren learn reading and math. They begin learning several reading concepts and are expected to count to 100 in kindergarten. First grade students are reading and performing complex math and money problems. kidren can enter preschool without any knowledge of independence, colors, shapes, letters, and amounts, but a head begin can help them be more successful in preschool and then later in formal education.

A kid who begins kindergarten not knowing these concepts will be behind and may never fetch caught up. Even worse, that late begin will destroy the kid's self esteem and confidence as well as cause the kid to hate school and learning. Some kidren can overcome these challenges and go on to become successful but all too many kidren continue to fail throughout school and life. Which would you rather for your kid's future? If you want your kid to succeed in preschool, formal education, and life then you should job on the key concepts long before schooling begins.

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