Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Coin price Guide

Coins are small, disc-shaped slices of metal that have amounts printed on them and these amounts indicate their face worth. Due to their unique quality, beauty, historic and seldom nature of coins dating rear to many centuries ago, they are usually just expensive. Their worth may however be determined by fluctuations in the economy meaning that no fixed price guide can be placed for them.

For an effective price guide to be laid down, certain factors are usually considered. They dictate that they should be of standard weight and purity, should have genuine markings from authorized sources only, and should be made of valuable metal. The market price of the metal reflects the pricing of the coin. Another important aspect for the pricing of the same is the date printed on the same and its historical significance.

As important as the above factors are, some of these items may have become defaced over the years and determining their worth sometimes becomes just difficult. In such cases demand from collectors would be the only way to clearly determine its worth. The more collectors interested in it, the higher its worth and the less the collectors interested, the lesser the worth would be.

All the same, we should not totally depend on that pricing guide since popularity of the same also plays a major role. For example 20th century dimes are more popular and expensive than 17th century ones, which are even more seldom. A Liberty head Nickel marked 1913 was sold for $1,000,000 as there are only 5 slices of such, where as 1000yrs old Chinese dimes were sold for no more than $100-$200 as there were amount of these available.

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