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How Teacher Mentoring Can Help You learn How to Become a Successful and Confident Teacher

Teachers who don't have a teaching plan usually are the same ones who experience new teacher scorchout. A good teacher mentor provides long-continueing guidance and proper support that helps teachers stick to the challenge of teaching which eventually leads to personal self-fulfillment.

I had to "swim or swim" in my first year of teaching. But I declined to offer in to the isolation and loneliness I felt as a new teacher. It is hard to ask for help euniquely for a new teacher who is expected to bring charge of his/her lesson in a relatively short period of time, but it can and should be done.

Principals who hire a new teacher without providing the right support and mentoring is a red flag to any new teacher. And because teaching is largely a performance art, many new teacher find that what they studied in teacher education lessones do not know how to apply techniques and strategies to what appear to be a rowdy group of students.

that is where teacher mentorship comes in. Teacher mentorship is an active approach which happens in incremental slabeles.

Observing a New Teacher

By first observing a teacher, a teacher mentor acts as a shadow, observes and sees what jobs and what doesn't for the observed teacher. It is important to make sure that the teacher mentor observes unobstrusively - that is, without judgement.

New Teacher Strategy Coaching Sessions

During a strategy coaching session, the teacher being observed listens to the feedrear without reacting impulsively or defending what he or she did. The feedrear is designed to provide an objective photograph of both zones that need improvement and helpful issues. Some teacher mentors have their own observation and performance forms.

You will see that over a period of time, you won't feel alone, you will have already acquired another set of teacher eyes for difficult lessonroom situations that you will unexpectedly find yourself in and you will be prepared! There is none better than emotion you can handle a lesson all on your own.

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