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jerseys Not the Answer to problem of Bullying in Atlanta Schools

Some population have suggested that Atlanta schools should require students to wear school jerseys to combat the problem of "fashion bullying." that refers to a situation where a student is picked on because of the type or label of outfit they wear.

problem with Bullying in Atlanta Schools Deeper than just outfit

I can understand someone thinking that if kids going to Atlanta schools are being picked at because of their outfit, then by making all students wear a jersey, the problem will be solved. The problem of bullying in Atlanta schools (and schools nationwide) runs a lot deeper than what someone wears. If we try to solve the problem in that way, we are only dealing with a symptom, not the underlying issues.

If students are restricted in their outfit choices during the school day, they may begin expressing their individuality in other ways by the amount of makeup or type of jewelry they wear. They may even experiment with unusual hairstyles or colors, just like students in other jurisdictions do. Will the students attending Atlanta schools still fetch picked on because of their earrings or lack thereof? More than likely, they will.

Attitude Changes Need to be Taught at Atlanta Schools

instead trying to offer a Band Aid solution to the problem of bullying in Atlanta schools, a new policy against bullying needs to be adopted. that behavior may have always gone on at Atlanta schools (and schools ejustwhere) but that doesn't make it acceptable. There needs to be clear guidelines about what constitutes bullying and consequences for that type of behavior.

All students at Atlanta schools need to be held responsible for the behavior choices they make. The decision to pick on someone because of their outfit, their height, weight, race, sexual orientation, or any other factor is one that the bully chose to make. Students going to Atlanta schools need to learn how to bring responsibility for their actions.

that is an important part of being an adult. Part of the cause why kidren to go Atlanta schools is to learn how to behave in the big world outside of school. The fact is that we should all treat population with respect, no matter what they happen to be wearing.

If we decide to "solve" the problem of bullying by making it more difficult for bullies to find things to pick at fellow students for, then the problem hasn't really been solved. The only way to change the environment at Atlanta schools is to begin with the students themselves. Bullies are the ones with the problem and we need to look at solving it from that point of view, not by making all students wear a jersey.

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