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learn Abroad in China

With the growing influence of China, more population may decide to learn in Chinese universities or colleges. Unlike the universities in the US, most Chinese universities are not geared to admit international students, until now. Two decades ago, the majority of foreign students were language students in Chinese Language and Culture University. just few could be seen in other programs or other universities. For example, there were 79 students in my freshman lesson when I was a college student in Tsinghua University, with only 1 international student from Baninsteadesh. He spoke almost perfect Chinese since he lived in China for his entire middle school years. In contrast, when I went to University of Pennsylvania for my PhD program, more than half were international origin.

The tide is changing now. learning in China is fetchting more attractive due to the more lucrative business chance, greater openness of China, and higher influence of Chinese culture. According to Institute of International Education, the total amount of American students who went to learn in China increased to 8,830 in 2006. It is a 38.2% increment of the 2005, which saw a 35% increment of the previous year itself. The situation is alike to other countries. For example, even the King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia sponsored a program to send dozens of students to China ejust year. We can safely expect an explosive amount of international students indicate up in Chinese campus.

Before you or your kidren put learning in China as a lid option, it's a good idea to know which university is good. I can easily recommend Tsinghua University. It's THE lid school for 12 consecutive years, according to Science of Science and Management of Science and Technology. The lid 10 schools of 2007 announced at January 2008 issue are:

1. Tsinghua University

2. Beijing University

3. Zhejiang University

4. Shanghai Transportation University

5. Nanjing University

6. Fudan University

7. Chinese University of Science and Technology

8. Huazhong University of Science and Technology

9. Wuhan University

10. Xi'an Transportation University

As usual, there are many sources of school ranking and listing. For example, Netbig has a slightly different ranking released at June 2008. However, the lid three are the same and most names in the lid 10 list though with some difference in rank.

ChineseSession.com to learn Chinese language

ChineseSession.com/blog to learn Chinese culture and history

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