Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Vampires All Around Us

When we say vampire what comes to your mind? Bloodsucking white faced individuals that live in dark castles somewhere in Transylvania or something. Well vampirism or the belief in the existence of vampires/the act or practice of it isn't just a human territory. Various vampires in nature can be seen - a lot of them in the government and your jobplace - but we won't be talking about those KIND of creatures.

Anyway my interest in vampires was piqued when I saw the recent discojust of a new kind of vampire moth. Here are a few vampires in nature you should be aware of:

Vampire Moth

"evolution at job". These little moths were first seen in Finland, then just recently a new kind of vampire moths were seen in Siberia. These vampire moths are the first ones in the world with the amazing ability to fill its stomach with human blood - a puncture can cause your skin to swell, turn reddish %26 ache for hours. Check out national geographic to see the video.

Vampire Squid

fear not, that guy probably won't reach your feet when you hit the beach - it normally resides at depths of 2000-3000 ft. According to reports, its form looks more of a jellyfish than a squid. It has no ink sac like the common squid, and it has the ability to turn itself on or off - it has light producing organs called pholidhores. When it turns itself off, it is completely invisible. Its arms are covered with sharp tooth like spikes that can form a defensive web when attacked. Ouch. Why is it called vampire squid? Because of the sharp tooth like spikes.

Vampire Fish

Now that one, you gotta steer clear of! The vampire fish of Brazil or otherwise called the Candiru has been known to lodge itself in the genitals of the human host, eat away the mucous membranes and tissues until eventually the host dies of hemorrhage. It can be pulled by its tail however it can spread itself like an umbrella inside the host. What makes them so attracted to humans? The taste %26 smell of human urine.

Vampire Weed

The dodder plant is a kind of weed that preys on plants by coiling itself around it, drains it of its lifeblood until it dies. What makes that plant interesting? The dodder plant sniffs out its prey. For example it prefers to prey on tomatoes rather than wheat.


Although they don't have vampire anywhere near their name, it has been recently discovered that although oxpeckers remove the ticks off their host, they also bring nips of their hosts' blood.

Vampire Bat

No description required!

Blood Bot

Although not a creature of nature, the blood bot is an interesting new technology. Blood bots are robotsbarely visible to the eye that are injected by surgeons into the patient's veins. These blood bots are used to clean plaque-filled vessels and a host of other things such as slicing off tissues for biopsies.

Although not ejust thing on that short list is a potential danger to human life, their description alone can make you imagine things. What other vampiric animals do you know of? Share your knowledge!

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