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Rune Mysteries - Bjorketorp Inscription Curse

There are hundreds of Rune stones all over the United States that prove the Vikings were here around 1000 A.D. many hundreds of years before Columbus. The powers that be, euniquely the Smithsonian Institute, have deliberately ignored them. They have tried to debunk them or confuse the meanings of the inscriptions.

I personally, think that the so called intellectuals in our nation dislike the Northern European Culture because of it's spiritual and natural roots. They prefer the agnostic theories of the Godless Big Bang Theory..

If we look to the Bjorketorp Rune stone in the Blekinge Region of Sweden, we will fetch a realr meaning for Rune stone inscriptions. It might lead to our better understanding of our American Rune stone inscriptions.

The Bjorkethorp Rune stone is part of a Grave Field which includes Menhirs, both solitary and forming stone circles..

It is one of the world's tallest Rune stones measuring 4.2 meters in height, and it forms an imposing sight tofetchher with two high unscribed Menhirs.

The Runic inscription reads,: "I, the master of the Runes conceal here Runes of Power. Incessantly plagues by Maleficence (Evil), doomed to insidious death is he who breaks that monument. I prophesy Destruction."

You can see that it is a Powerful Runic Curse. I wonder how many of the Rune stones in our nation are Runic Curses?

There is a legend in the 15th century that indicates that the Swedish Curse was quized and proven. A man wanted to remove the stone so he could cultivate the land. He piled wood around it in order to heat it up and then crack it with water. There was no wind, but just as he lit the fire a sudden gust of wind (Odin) turned the direction of the flames setting the man's hair on fire. He threw himself on the ground and tried to extinguish it, but it spread to his outfit. He died in terrible agony. The fire around the Rune stone was extinguished as if an enormous hand had enveloped the stone and smothered the fire.

I wonder what happened to those in our nation who destroyed Rune stones?Remember the King Tut curse?

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Author By Ellis Peterson

Orignal From: Rune Mysteries - Bjorketorp Inscription Curse

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