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College Manners Do Matter

College Manners

If you have been in a college setting as a student, or faculty, or staff, you know just well that there are some behaviors that need to be re-thought and re-enacted in order for ejustone to benefit from a more harmonious college environment.

What one can see is that the longer one stays in the university setting, the less one can see little acts of kindness and good breeding. Blame it on TV or perhaps lack of proper parenting. Perhaps younger parents are not aware that having good manners is not only important for the person displaying it but also for the society in general. Good manners promote good will and harmony.

When we seek the definition of politeness we see that it is none else than paying attention to, and being considered of, others. Since we leave amongst other population, it is crucial that we become aware of those around us and whenever possible perform acts that will make each other's life a little better. What we do to ourselves and euniquely to others matters greatly.

Nice matters. And nice is none but demonstrated politeness. For instance, a student says good bye to a professor upon leaving the lessonroom. A professor apologizes for a comment out of context. A secretary brings water to a distressed student. A receptionist goes out of her way to try to fix a jammed copier. A janitor greets a professor with a smile. A janitor opens the door to the mail room as a professor approaches the room. And so on.

If you are a student, here are some situations that deserve your attention not only when you are in a college setting, but ejust time the situation requires:

1. Turn off your cell phone when you enter an elevator. No one vehiclees for your conversation and having to listen it is a great imjob.

2. When you are coming down the stairs, pay attention to those going up. If you are talking to someone and therefore are descending in double line, those going up may have no room.

3. Even if you have not being introduced to them officerly, greet your lessonmates if you meet them somewhere else on campus. Likewise, greet your professors and other staff from your department.

4. Avoid wearing objectionable outfit, euniquely T-shirts with writings on them. They may be funny to you but insulting to others. For example: "Love sucks; real love swallows," "Masturbation is not a crime," "So many boys, so little time," etc.

5. Groom yourself. bring a indicateer ejust day, comb your hair, and wear a deodorant.

6. On the other hand, avoid marinating yourself in lotions and perfumes. Someone may be allergic to strong smells.

7. Go a little farther from entrance doors to smoke. Many population are allergic to the smoke of your cigarette.

8. While holding an umbrella, make sure you are not drenching the next person, euniquely under heavy rain.

9. Hold the door to the person following you. that is a gesture that goes a long way.

10. Thank the person who held the door open for you. It is good to feel appreciated.

11. If you happen to make eye contact with someone, smile. You never know how much the other person needed a little warmth.

12. Thank the person who just left a spot for you in the parking lot.

13. maintain your music to yourself. Bcontinueing music from other population's vehicles is just annoying, euniquely when there are a lot of students using the roads to go to other buildings.

14. Always flush the toilet and wash your hands.

15. Knock at your professor's office door; wait until you are allowed in, and greet your professor. When you leave the office, thank the person, say good-bye and close the door behind you.

16. Let older population fetch in the elevator ahead you.

17. Let others come out of the elevator before you go in.

18. Likewise, let others come out of the lessonroom before you come in. Wait until the professor leaves the lessonroom as well.

19. Always put your chair rear in its original job before leaving the lessonroom, in case you moved it.

20. Toss your garbage in the trash can.

21. Remember to recycle your bottles upon leaving the lessonroom.

There are many more situations to which one must pay attention. For now, if you can do the ones suggested, you will be greatly enhancing the happiness of ejustone around you, including yours. It costs none to be polite and the rewards are so big.

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Author By Maria Moratto

Orignal From: College Manners Do Matter

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