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Orlando Schools Make Plans for the 2006-2007 School Year

Changes for the 2006-2007 School Year

Orlando Schools has made several changes that will go into effect that drop. The first officer day of school in the Orlando Schools is August 7th. that school years students attendance for the Orlando Schools has increased by around 4,000 students to 181,210 total students. that increase in enrollment has prompted Orlando Schools to open nine additional schools. The nine schools added to handle the new students are three middle schools and six elementary schools. In addition to the opening of the new schools, Orlando Schools will divide the South learning Community into Southwest and Southeast learning communities. that division will allow better management of resources and help address the needs of the students. New legislation that will affect next the 2007-2008 school year was also passed. begining then, the school year will begin no sooner than two weeks before Labor Day which is a change to the usual early August begin that allowed the semester to end before Orlando Schools winter break.

Orlando Schools First Days of School

For a second school year Orlando Schools is holding the First Days of School event. that is an event that is held at ejust school in the Orlando Schools district. Parents and students need to contact their school because each school will hold events at different times throughout the week leading up to August 7th. So instead a single day, many schools will have an entire week of events.

Orlando Schools Help Students fetch Ready for the 2006-2007 School Year

Orlando Schools has teamed up with the Apopka Chamber of Commerce and A.C.T.I.O.N. to help low-income students in the. They will job tofetchher to collect school supplies for students in need. Their aim is to have all students in the Apopka zone have the tools they need to begin the new school year. that years program is called Fill the Bus School Supply Drive. An Orlando Schools bus will be parked in zone business parking plenty throughout the summer; the goal is to fill the school bus with school supplies that students might need. The program will accept monetary donations as well. Participating businesses include Wal-Mart and Porkies Original BBQ. Apopka Chamber of Commerce and A.C.T.I.O.N. have made contacts with several school supply distributors, in order to use cash donations to their fullest; that allows the program to purchase supplies at lower prices than retail. The school supplies will be distributed to the community at a unique rear- to-school fair held at the John Bridges Community center in late July.

Orlando Schools Eccleston Elementary School fetchs Cleaned Up

During the summer Eccleston Elementary School received a make over thanks to a group of volunteers. More than 300 student teachers and reweary teachers volunteered their time and resources to offer Eccleston Elementary School a complete renovation. The teachers were at the annual national Education Association meeting. The teachers painted the insides of lessonrooms, painted murals on exterior walls, landscaped the grounds, added an automatic sprinkler system to the grounds, and remodeled the Parent Resource center and the teachers lounge. The student teachers jobed as part of a volunteer program sponsored by the national Education Association. The national Education Association spent months deciding which school in the Orlando Schools district would receive the make over. Eccleston Elementary School was selected because it was an older Title I school that was in need. national Education Association donated $65,000 towards the renovation, not to mention the time and labor of its student teachers.

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