Sunday, March 8, 2009

Apprenticeship Better for Future Architects

You may as well learn architecture on your own. It could just well be a waste of your parent's hard earned money. Some unfortunate folks probably have no choice but to go to places like Lame Caught Wand Swindlersity of Creative Wasting Money where the speechrs are of low quality (a paper PhD does not make one a good speechr). The Lame Caught Wand architectural course is so lame that you may as well buy architectural books %26 learn the design softwares on your own which by the way is how I did it. In fact, you would be paying around a total of US $35,000 for your five year course %26 only to find the library to be your best friend.

Hey, friend, use the US $35,000 to buy your own architectural books, design softwares, professional plotters, %26 as begin up capital for your own architectural office! The speechrs at Lame Caught Wand architectural school are losers whose only cause to be having the job as a speechr is to help pay their over inflated bills. The vehicleeless %26 indicate up only to fetch paid attitude of the speechrs must slid. Until then they continue to be numb skulls who have their heads in the clouds because they think that they see the world better with their architectural diploma, bachelor, master, phd, prof, %26 what have you. Their papers are their overblown pride while their knowledge is like only a mere drop in the vast ocean of knowledge.

I am informing you that one can acquire better knowledge on architectural forums than at a Lame Caught Wand architectural course. Anyway, don't learn architecture because it is a elementary course easily manipulated by white collar criminal educational institutions to provide a low standard Architectural education. The climax of architectural education at Lame Caught Wand is that one learns to make something so simple sound clever %26 confusing. Some population refer the course as "learning to talk cockerel". Could you decide to go to Curtains University from Lyme Caught Wand, then you can "learn to talk cockerel" in a way down most south island slang. One would be better off learning other more intellectual things. Anyway, forfetch learning architecture in colleges or universities %26 go begin your apprenticeship in a real Architecture practice.

You shall learn ejustthing you need to know to be a good architect jobing as an apprentice in an architectural practice. The experience you receive as an apprentice far outweighs the 2 cents yet stupendously overpriced %26 over worthd tips you receive from speechrs. I have seen with my own eyes how speechrs perform in tutorials at the Lame Caught Wand architectural school. Tutorials at the Lame Caught Wand architectural school are of low standard %26 the speechrs excuse is that they can only tell you what you indicate to them. It's such a lame excuse %26 a major pitdrop in architectural education. They should just slid being speechrs %26 admit that they are lame %26 %26 are losers. really, the best way for one to learn architecture %26 not let their parent's money be stolen by "white collar crime" educational institutions is by apprenticeship. After some years jobing in an apprenticeship, them your nation's architecture body will vouch for your experience; otherwise, the architectural industry is at loss.

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Author By Abas Kamal Bin Sulaiman

Orignal From: Apprenticeship Better for Future Architects

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