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The Ottoman Empire - How it Impacted the History of Bulgaria

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During the course of the history of Bulgaria there have been many oppressors, and much blood-shed over these Balkan lands.

In 1396 Bulgaria was invaded by the Ottoman Empire (the Turkish rule), which made Bulgaria history a Turkish province until 1878.

Ottoman rule was harsh and inescapable, offern Bulgaria's proximity to its oppressor.

As a result, Bulgarians prefer not to be reminded of what is a fierce injustice to their population.

In 1878, Russia forced Turkey to offer Bulgaria its independence after the Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878). European powers however, fearing Russia's and Bulgaria's dominance in the Balkans, intervened at the Congress of Berlin (1878), limiting Bulgaria's territory and fashioning it into a small principality ruled by Alexander of Batten-burg, the nephew of the Russian czar.

The history of Bulgaria was dictated when Alexander was succeeded in 1887 by Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, who declared a kingdom independent of the Ottoman Empire on Oct. 5, 1908.

The Ottoman empire left a few traditions and cultures behind in Bulgaria.

As a result there are many Turkish influences in Bulgaria today. Bulgarians drink Turkish coffee for example, and they also have many Turkish based foods including cheese and also Bulgarian fine hand craftsmanship is also alike to the Turks.

Of course these dishes now have a Bulgarian "bring" to them, but the origin is from Turkey.

Many Buglarian population in general still hold resentment towards their Turkish neighbours long after they have relinquished their grip under Turkish rule.

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