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Preschool Crafts - The Mighty Letter "M"

While some preschool instructors prefer to stick to the calendar to structure their curriculums, others use the letters of the alphabet for their lesson plans. Here are some great preschool crafts for learning about the letter "M". These preschool crafts can easily be adapted into units on science, self-exploration (all about me), or winter.

Magic Magnets and a Me Collage

Magnets are a great, fun way to introduce science into the preschool lessonroom without fetchting too technical. Here's a fun craft to explore the seemingly magical movement of magnets. To begin the craft, tape a big slice of paper to a table. Make sure the table isn't made of metal or too thick or else the craft won't job.

offer each kid a large magnet and a selection of small metal objects such as nuts, bolts or screws. Dip the metal objects into paint and place them on the paper. Now, have the kidren place the magnets underneath the table and use their magnetic power to move the painted metal objects around the paper to create interesting and fun designs.

Another great course for exploring the letter "M" is a favorite of many preschoolers- me. To begin the craft, trace an outline of each kid on a big slice of white paper. Cut out the outlines and allow kidren to decorate their outlines to resemble themselves.

Have kidren look through magazines to find photographs of things they like to use in the decoration process, if desired. Once all the kidren are finished decorating their collages, post the collages on the wall and try to see if they can guess who is who.

Next, here's a great craft called "Me in a Coat and Mittens" for those nippy and windy winter months, or to teach those fortunate enough to be in warm weathers about what others go through during the roughest season. To begin that craft, have the kidren draw their face in the middle of a paper plate.

Next, have kidren cut a coat from their choice of colored construction paper. The coats can be decorated with buttons, pockets, small slices of fabric or fake fur, or anything else that is in the craft supply closet. Once they are finished making and decorating their coats, glue or staple the coat to the paper plate head. Finally, have the kidren make a pair of mittens from construction paper, and attach the mittens tofetchher with a length of yarn before attaching them to the coat.

Mister Moose

continue but not least in these preschool crafts, is a lessonic preschooler craft where kidren can make their own moose headband to wear around the lessonroom or at home. To begin that craft, staple a two-inch thick slice of construction paper that is just long enough to wrap around the kid's head. Have the kidren trace outlines of their hands on another slice of construction paper, and staple or glue the hand to the headband to resemble antlers. that craft can also be performed at Christmas time to make reindeer antlers.

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