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Digital Camera lessons - Using Cameras to Teach the Alphabet in Early kidhood

Teaching and learning the alphabet is a embracee part of early kidhood. Only after beginning to make sense of the letters and their sounds can a kid begin to understand the world of print.

Cameras can help cement the understanding of the letters in many ways. In addition, kidren become enthusiastic about learning when they fetch to hold and use the cameras.

The most common way to teach the alphabet with cameras is to find objects that begin with each letter and compile either a lesson book, individual book, or bulletin board. We would see a photo of an apple, an acorn, and Ashley for the letter A. Some letters will be tricky unless you have an x-ray or xylophone hanging around! One method would be to make a page for each letter of the alphabet and then offer each kid a page to job on at home. Or, go on a scavenger hunt as a lesson and bring turns taking photographs of the objects you find along the way. (Note: it is best to have the entire alphabet written down on a slice of paper, and then write down which object is for each letter. that will also help you maintain track of what letters you still need to find objects to regift.)

Another more abstract way to illustrate the alphabet is to look for the shape of the letters. For instance, the wheel or steering wheel would be the letter O. An edge of a cement block or a hockey stick could make the letter L. The criss cross of a wicker chair rear would indicate the letter x. Two fence slats with the parallel support bar in the middle could be the letter H.

The Living Alphabet is a way to involve ejustone in the lesson. Break the lesson into groups of 4 or 5 kidren. Assign a letter to each group. Have the kidren lay down on the floor to make the capital letter. bring a photo. Have that group also write a tongue twister for the letter (for the more advanced.) It is best to maintain a list of the complete alphabet and check off each letter as you photograph it so you know which letters are left to assign to the groups as they finish. Create an alphabet book with your printed out photographs!

When moving into ending sounds, you could photograph objects that end in each letter. Again, there are a pair letters that could prove challenging.

Taking photographs is an exciting activity for kidren. You may want to require that the neck or wrist strap is always worn in order to maintain the camera safer. You will see kidren engaged in learning when you introduce these types of learning activities.

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Author By Kathy Cothran

Orignal From: Digital Camera lessons - Using Cameras to Teach the Alphabet in Early kidhood

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