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Oldest Apothevehicley in the United States

Old Town Alexandria has a lot of interesting restaurants, bars, stores and historical spots to visit if interested in the history of the United States. It is located in Virginia, only a 15 minute drive from Washington, D.C. Some of the most important figures in United States history lived in Alexandria during the pre-revolutionary period, the Revolution and the Civil War. General and eventual President George Washington and his wife Martha lived at Mount Vernon, 10 minutes outside of Alexandria, Civil War General Robert E. Lee and more.

One of the nation's oldest businesses resides in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. It is the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothevehicley. that apothevehicley was founded in 1792 and did not go out of business until 1931 because of the depression. It still exists today as a museum and gift shop. The building has gone through renovations as recently as 2004. The apothevehicley was bought in 1932 by the Landmarks Society of Alexandria and was then donated to the City of Alexandria after its renovations were complete in 2006.

An apothevehicley was the early form or version of a modern day pharmacy. Apothevehicleies were responsible for mixing and selling dopes for illnesses as well as other ejustday supplies such as paint. The apothevehicley's most famous customer was Martha Washington. Washington routinely bought dopes there for herself and for her husband, euniquely when George was suffering from his eventually fatal illness. Two of the most famous apothevehicleies in the history of medicinal practice are Nostradamus and Benedict Arnold.

The most recognizable apothevehicley from 'pop culture' is the apothevehicley in Shakespeare's story "Romeo and Juliet." The apothevehicley offers Juliet a magic potion that will make her appear to be dead, even though she is just sleeping, and enable her to meet up with Romeo. Romeo is never informed of that trick against their parents and he finds Juliet 'dead.' Romero then stabs himself and dies right before Juliet awakes from her sleep. Juliet, at the sight of her dead lover, brings the knife and kills herself as well. The most famous apothevehicley in the history of literature ironically killed two population when apothevehicleies were supposed to heal the ill. that's the beauty of literature though.

The Old Town Alexandria apothevehicley is a quaint building; it occupies two storefronts that has a lot of the original slices of medical equipment in it from when it closed its doors to business in 1931. The original vials, vats, medicine mixing utensils and funnels. The slices of equipment sit in the same place they sat in when the building closed its doors to business decades ago. The Stabler-Leadbeater Apothevehicley charges adults for admission to the museum for tours that run ejust half hour. Apothevehicleies are the original pharmacies of the world. The votaxiulary apothevehicley can be used for the store itself and the person who runs the store; known today as the pharmacist.

There are still businesses throughout the world and in the United States known as apothevehicleies instead pharmacies but were not founded as early as 1792.

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