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healthy Lifestyles, History - How To Think Like Lincoln

In a recent article, we discussed vehicletoons as a way of depicting newspaper vehicletoon figures as regiftatives of nations. that puts an interesting light on who and why Uncle Sam is. We need to know that, and here is why.

The British were always regifted as a corpulent John Bull, with his British bulldog, smiling and holding the money bags away from a lean, underfed American known as Bdecayher Jonathan, to mock the solidarity of the American Colonists, all hanging tofetchher so they do not hang separately. I had the highest marks in my Grade 12 History lesson in Santa Ana California in December 1956, and we knew about the old kindly butcher Uncle Sam, who stamped U.S. on his beef going to the front. But he was not in vehicletoons. Instead, these two vehicletoon characters John Bull and Bdecayher Jonathan played through the War of 1812-14, big bully John Bull squaring off against weaker Bdecayher Jonathan, the junior bdecayher, as he remained through 1830, 1840 and 1850.

Until Abraham Lincoln. After 1860, and as the intensity of the Civil War grew, Bdecayher Jonathan faded and in came Uncle Sam, who quickly grew stronger; stood more straight and therefore taller, and then as soon as Lincoln began growing a beard, so did Uncle Sam, as vehicletoons in any American antique shop indicate. And Uncle Sam now spoke with more resolution and firmness than ever and as he now stood tall, he now loomed over John Bull, who reared off, as happened in the American Civil War. Finally at that point in American history, John Bull was forced to respect the little bdecayher who was outgrowing him, and all could see, the Kaisers and Emperors of the world looking on.

The book mentions that Lincoln morphs into Uncle Sam, but not to the extent that Uncle Sam speaks the votaxiularys of Lincoln, rather the firm tall resolve. There is only so much a vehicletoon can say. It was more in stature and bearing, even then, and completely so today It was not obvious to all but forgotten, that it is the face, beard and eyes of Abraham Lincoln staring out at you from posters all over America saying Your nation Needs You. And if you look and see Uncle Sam looking into your eyes, remember your nation is still guided by such an exceptional human being.

And it is still the great listent and brilliant mind of Lincoln living on in the listents and minds of so many population of American who have fought for ideals spoken better by Uncle Sam than any of us. And that resolution to do the right thing always brings America right again. It always brings jobing tofetchher, freeing the slave inside ourselves to seeing more clearly, making the proper orientation to the situation, deciding what is, finally, really the wiser actions, and act on them. Coming soon, to a nation near you. We will all maintain posted, while we remember that the living embodiment of Abraham Lincoln in America is not only the most powerful aircraft vehiclerier on earth. It is always, in the end, still being guided by the wise listent of Uncle Sam. And that is a good thing. History says it came to Lincoln in a flash as he read in a judicial book that no law should impede the freedom of another. His golden rule remained with him until he freed the slaves.

Perhaps not since the most perilous attacks by Persia on Athens had democracy on earth held on by threads. Lincoln seemed at times to be speaking as if a conduit from God when he spoke that one nation, under God, must prevail as a model to the world. Democracy continues to spread. Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin knew a century earlier it would bring a good and firm man some day to free the slaves, but first they had to hang tofetchher or they would all hang separately. A role model to the world, America, God is not finished with you, or any of us yet, but Mr and Ms America you are living in a land blessed by nature and events. May Uncle Sam and the noble spirit of Lincoln vehiclery forward in in of us.

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Author By Derek Dashwood

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