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NCLEX problems - Which Ones Should You Be Asking Yourself?

When population listen the term NCLEX, it draws mixed reactions depending on who is listening. If you are someone who does not know anything about nursing, chances are you couldn't vehiclee less. But if you are talking to a nurse or a nursing student, then the term may have some significance on their vehicleeer.

The NCLEX is the licensure quiz developed for those who have chosen a vehicleeer in nursing. There actually two types of the NCLEX: one is for registered nurses and the other is for practical or vocational nurses. They are separately known as the NCLEX-RN and the NCLEX-PN.

There are two different sets of quiz for each of the NCLEX and they have their differences. The NCLEX-RN has about 75 minimum amount of problems and 265 maximum amount of problems, while the NCLEX-PN has 85 and 305, respectively. The NCLEX problems in both exams are designed to quiz an applicant's basic understanding of the nursing profession and the knowledge needed to become one.

The NCLEX is developed and owned by the national Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) and is administered in partnership with Pearson VUE. There are several steps to follow in registering for either quizs and both involve applying for one in the state where you want to be licensed as a nurse. Registering for the NCLEX exam, the next step, is done by mail, phone or even online. Once registration is complete, all the necessary fees should be paid.

The registration will require approval and once approved by the state nursing board, an applicant will receive a confirmation from Pearson VUE, which will also send a candidate an Authorization to quiz (ATT). When the ATT is received, then the time and place of the exam can be scheduled online or via phone.

The two exams, the NCLEX-PN quiz and the NCLEX-RN quiz, are adaptive quizs that have variable lengths and are offern on a computer. The length of the exam depends on a candidate's response to quiz problems and will slid when the minimum amount of quiz items has been answered. An applicant is offern five hours to finish the NCLEX-PN quiz and up to six hours for the NCLEX-RN quiz. The NCLEX includes in the exams what we call prequiz problems, which will not affect your score but is there for possible inclusion in future exams.

The NCLEX-RN has 15 prequiz problems, while the NCLEX-PN will have 25 prequiz problems. A candidate will not be able to tell if a problem is a scored or a prequiz one.

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